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Evicting tenants for non-payment

EvictionHome owners wishing to rent out their Spanish properties are sometimes put off by the fear that if one of their tenants doesn’t pay they will be unable to evict them.

It is certainly true that in the past Spanish law has supported the tenant rather than the owner, but we’re delighted to see  that things are changing to make it easier for you to evict a tenant and also products are coming on the market to protect landlords.

Perez Legal Group have told us the good news that new courts are being open by the justice department which will only deal with evictions. Their aim is that evictions should be able to take place within 3 months, which is great news for owners looking to rent their properties on a long-term basis. Continue reading “Evicting tenants for non-payment”

Changes in Laws to evict tenants

Landlords who are struggling to evict tenants who are not paying their rent will be pleased to know that there is new legislation in force which should make the process easier and quicker.  

Laws 19/2009 and 13/2009, the last one applicable from the 4th of May 2010, have made important changes to the Spanish Civil Jurisdiction Law, (1/2000- LEC) that affects the Eviction Process and claims for the rents due for the letting contracts. White & Baos Lawyers have written an interesting article on these changes for Eye on Spain. Click here to read

For the landlords that rent their property long-term, we advise taking out Legal Fees Protection Insurance. Once you have taken out this low-cost insurance, you are covered in the event of any dispute with the tenancy, such as the tenant defaulting on rent, or even a complaint from the tenant about the landlord. With help of this insurance, the case can be fast-tracked through an arbitration tribunal rather than a much lengthier process through court – saving both time and money for all concerned.

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