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Rental regulation and tax changes in Spain

As all property owners renting out their property in Spain know, a new holiday rental law came into force in 2016, regulating the short term rental industry and adding in 2017 that owners also had to register passport details of all the guests and submit them to the police station. This change forced thousands of owners, who had not been declaring their rental income to register and start paying tax here in Spain.

The next step of this process to make the industry more transparent, and ensure owners are paying tax, is that property portals and estate agencies doing rentals have been obliged to pass their clients’ tax details over to the Spanish Tax Authorities from the 1st of January. They are being asked to file these retroactively, going back to January 2018, so it’s very important that all your taxes have been paid and you are properly declaring your rental income. Find out more

The government has also been trying to get involved with long-term rentals and passed a new law on the 19th of December to try and lower long-term rental prices and make the market more stable. However, this law only stood for 35 days, due to concerns about local governments setting a limit on rental prices in urban areas being an overreaching measure. This means that the law regarding rentals has gone back to the original law, which states a 3 years mandatory rental renewal plus one year tacit renewal. Experts believe that the government will revisit this topic during this year to boost tenants’ rights, but for now it’s back to the status quo. Find out more

If you have any doubts about renting out your property and the laws or regulations in place, please contact us. We are property management and rental experts, with many years’ experience helping owners maximise income from their properties and we can help you register your property and make sure you’re complying with everything in the right way.

HomeCareontheWeb is looking for owners who want to rent out their property for holiday rentals and long-term contracts for 2019, so please get in touch and find out how we can help you to start generating rental income.

Looking back on a fantastic summer

Looking back on a fantastic summer

It’s September, the weather is cooling down, the crowds are heading home and we’re reflecting on a great summer. 2017 was the best year yet for our property management and rental clients with more bookings than ever.

Here’s our summer in numbers –

  • We managed 3379 bookings
  • Checked in over 14,000 guests
  • Carried out more than 4,000 cleans

And we still have much more to come!

The Costa del Sol is a great year round destination and we’re seeing the an extension to the traditional high season, with more people choosing to visit in September and October when the weather is great but prices for flights and accommodation come down. There is also more interest in Christmas bookings, as people look to experience a different Christmas away from home, where a walk on the beach after your Christmas lunch is a reality.

We have over 1,000 more bookings for the rest of the year so far, and we expect to see more bookings coming in for some autumn and winter sunshine.

Are you renting out your property? Did you get as many bookings as you hoped? If you weren’t happy with the numbers of bookings, or found it hard to manage arrivals, departures and deal with problems during your guests’ stay, please contact us and find out how we can help you.

HomeCareontheWeb are property managers with over a decade of experience on the Costa del Sol and we know all the secrets of successful rentals. We have a large team on the ground looking after properties, as well as marketing experts promoting the properties to boost rentals. We can deal with any problem and maximise every opportunity, so trust in us to take care of your property while generating you income. Find out more about our property management and maintenance services on our website, or contact us for a quote.

Rental returns for Costa del Sol properties

Rental returns for Costa del Sol properties

Spain is a very popular destination for expats to buy investment properties, second homes, or as a place to retire, with 35% of buyers considering buying in Spain according to an article in The Telegraph. In the same report, it states that these properties can be an excellent source of income due its popularity as a holiday destination and growing interest in holiday rental properties.

The Costa del Sol, has a thriving rental market, with high rental yields for both long term and short term lets. As we reported in our last blog, long-term rentals can be an excellent choice for landlords, as a stable, secure and stress free way to generate income from your property.

A new study has shown that long-term rentals in coastal areas, particularly on the first or second line of the beach offer 5.67% rental yields – up from 5.37% in 2016 and well above the 4.3% national average. The main reason for this increase in prices is lack of supply, as property owners in these prime beachfront properties choose short-term holiday lets over long-term rentals, yet demand continues to increase. Read the full article

Property owners can get seduced by the higher per week revenue from a holiday rental, without looking at the annual yields. Typically, a property would rent short term in peak summer and Easter for the same for one week, as one month for a long term, but properties are often empty when renting out short term.

Occupancy depends on the quality of the property, the area and the marketing, but regular rentals are normally only seen in Easter and from June to the end of August, so even at full capacity over those months you would only be looking at 13 weeks of rentals. Of course, it is rare to be fully booked every week, so usually you would count on perhaps 10 weeks per year.

With long-term rentals, demand is high and people stay in a property for many years if they are happy and well looked after, marketing is easier and so the annual return is often higher and the costs of management are lower. Owners who are renting long-term also do not have to worry about the new holiday rental legislation, so it’s an easier process all round.

Long-term rentals is not for everyone, as if you want to use the property in the low season, then holiday rentals is a better option. However, if you have your property as an investment it is a very appealing option to consider.

Please contact us and we can evaluate your property and estimate the rental yields from short and long-term rentals and help you decide the best course of action for you. We have also created two free guides – Secrets of Successful Rentals and Home Owners Tips for Long Term Rentals which you can download and will help you to make up your mind.

As Costa del Sol Property Management experts, we also manage the property, market it and handle all the tenants and any issues they may have, so you can just relax, knowing it is in safe hands.

Important update on the Holiday Rental Law in Andalucia

Important update on the Holiday Rental Law in Andalucia

We recently attended a seminar on the Holiday Rental Laws, where the police were also in attendance, to inform everyone of the new procedure that is now in force and wanted to give you an update following on from our introduction to Andalucia’s holiday rental laws.

All Holiday Rental properties that are registered with the Junta de Andalucia and have a registration number now have to register with the appropriate police station. (The correct station to register at depends on the area in which your property is located.) You then must register passport details of all guests over the age of 16 within 24 hours of their arrival.

Whilst we have always taken copies of the guests’ passports, we have not had to submit the information to the police. Now with the new law, once a property is registered with the Junta de Andalucia it also has to be registered with the police and passport details submitted.

The cost for us registering your property at the police station is 60€ + IVA (this includes providing copies of all the relevant documentation).

Please contact us to arrange the registration of your property with the relevant police station. If you would prefer to do the registration yourself, please also contact us as we can help.

Read our articles on the holiday rental law by clicking on the links below

How to comply with Andalucia’s new holiday rental laws

Summary of Andalucia’s holiday rental laws

How complicated is it to register your property to comply with the holiday rental laws

For more information, contact us on: or call +34 952 83 95 95

Marbella a 5* Destination

Marbella A 5 Star Destination

In January, the Mayor of Marbella José Bernal was at tourism fair FITUR to position Marbella as a 5* Destination and shine a light on its excellence in so many fields. The very well attended presentation focused on the area’s amazing performance in 2016 in terms of tourism and hotel occupancy and announced that they will be creating a forum on innovation and promotion to ensure that 2017 is even better.

Bernal stated that last year’s Easter and summer seasons were incredible, with June matching July to have 90% occupancy and reaching 93% occupancy in August. He added that as well as an increase in occupancy, they had also seen an increase in average spend per person and that hotel prices were increasing in line with the status of a 5* destination. As well as this great news, he marked the Town Hall’s commitment to continue the strong performance, through collaboration between themselves and local businesses and improving promotion and the tourist offering this year. He is aiming to compete with luxury destinations such as Miami, Monaco and Saint Tropez and asked for the support of businesses, organisations and individuals to promote the destination to build on last year’s success.

We have been flying the flag for Marbella and the whole of the Costa del Sol for over a decade, promoting both the area and of course our great holiday rental properties, far and wide. We are delighted to see renewed effort from the Town Hall to promote the area, and expect more demand for properties in Marbella as a result.

If you have a property in Marbella, San Pedro or Puerto Banus and would consider renting it out short term, please contact us. There is particular demand for villas with pools, centrally located properties and also properties with parking. If you have a property that would fit the bill, please don’t worry about renting it out. We are property management experts and will take care of the marketing, the bookings, the cleaning and welcoming guests, so there’s no stress for you, simply some very useful additional rental income. We look forward to hearing from you.

Spanish property market news

Spanish Property News

We reported back in May that the property market in Spain was recovering, with more properties being sold, as well as more tourists than ever coming to the area. The good news is that the recovery is continuing and predictions are very good for the rest of the year and beyond.

Of course there are many different opinions out there, but in general it seems to be positive. Analyst Jose Luis Suarez believes that there will be nine years of steady price increases ahead of us, with the peak prices which were seen in 2007 not being reached until 2025. He believes that despite the over building we saw during the boom, that new properties will be required to meet the demand and we are seeing new developments start here on the Costa del Sol already.

Prices are also starting to increase, although they are coming slowly and not across the board. In June, property evaluation firm Tinsa reported that price rises are spreading across the Spanish Costas, with 71 out of 135 municipalities showing price increases. The Costa del Sol is one of four regions which are showing the strongest price recovery, with Marbella being the most active property market outside of Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga. Find out more

Spain is considered the ninth most popular destination for international real estate investors by Ernst & Young and despite fears that the Brexit vote would derail the Spanish property market, home sales across Spain rose by almost 20% in June. Real estate agents have also reported a higher than usual buyer activity throughout the summer period and Andalucia was the area which saw the most sales. As this is a very popular area with British buyers, it is a good sign that we haven’t been too effected by Brexit.

Overall, these results are very promising for home owners on the Costa del Sol. However, as you can see, the recovery is expected to be slow and steady, so prices are definitely not at their peak. This is a good time to get a professional valuation to see how the value of your property has changed. If it is still lower than you paid for it, or you feel you would prefer to wait for the rises to become more significant, then a very good option is to rent out your property long term whilst the market improves.

Long term rentals are scarce, demand is rising and they are not regulated by the new holiday rental law, so are a good option for homeowners. They are also easier to manage, because once you get a tenant, you may not need to do things for many months on end. We have a long term rental portal HomeRentalontheWeb which is particularly for people looking for this kind of accommodation and we have more demand than properties.

As property management specialists on the Costa del Sol, we can take the hassle out of renting your property long term. We will sort out the contracts, take deposits, collect the rent, check the property regularly and deal with any maintenance issues. You can simply relax and enjoy the rental income for the next few years whilst the market grows and your property increases in value. Please let us know if you’re interested in discussing this option with us and we will let you know how much you can expect to earn and tell you about our great long term rental packages.

The Spanish Property Market Continues to Grow

spanish real estate growthHomeowners in Spain have finally started hearing good news over the last six months, with property purchases increasing in volume and slowly but surely property prices on the rise. In the most popular areas, prices have been rising for some time and the rest of Spain is now catching up, with a lot of buyer interest from purchasers around the world.

Many research bodies and official organizations are hailing Spain as a great place to invest, with the IMF praising it for its economic recovery and the Organisation for Economic Development saying that it has one of the most undervalued housing markets in the world. Not surprisingly, this is getting even more people interested in the area.

The start of this year has been brilliant, with 34,771 property transactions being made in February alone, the highest for three years, and an increase of nearly 16% from the same time last year. Find out more here. Predictions are that both the volume of sales and the prices will continue to increase throughout the year.

Property owners who have weathered the financial crisis by renting out their property either short or long term are now in a great position, with record tourist numbers demanding quality holiday rentals, more people than ever looking for long term rentals and the value of their property increasing all the time.

If you haven’t been renting out your property so far, or feel that you could be getting more rentals for your property, then contact us to find out what you could earn. With quality property management services from HomeCareontheWeb you can enjoy all the benefits of renting out your property, without the hassle.

As you may know, there is a new rental law which will come into force on May 12th to regulate the rental of private homes to tourists. We are monitoring this situation carefully and have been calling the different bodies responsible to clarify what are owners have to do. HomeCareontheWeb will be able to register properties on behalf of our clients so that we can legally rent out their property. It seems that the requirements that the property must meet are relatively simple and will probably be in place for a quality property managed by a company such as ours, so please don’t worry. We can do everything for you to make sure you are registered and comply.

To help all owners in Andalucia we are writing regular articles about this law, here is the most recent update and you can browse our other two posts to give you a good understanding of the regulations.

If you have any further questions or want us to register your property on your behalf please contact us by emailing or calling 00 34 952 83 95 95. We are here to help!

May update on information for the New Holiday Rental Laws in Spain

holiday-rental-lawIn order to clarify and consolidate the information circulating regarding the new Rental Law, we spoke with the Málaga Delegation of the Junta de Andalucía’s department of tourism today and can confirm that the details are becoming clearer. This Law will come into force on May 12th and will regulate the rental of private homes to tourists.

Decree 28/2016 of February 2nd

As yet, no date has been announced for the seminar, which is intended to bring everything out into the open. We intend to be there to ask questions and obtain answers when the date is announced.

However from now, we can now start to register properties using the modified registration form (until the new form is available). A registration form has to be completed and a copy of the First Occupation Licence presented with it. The town hall is asking property owners to register as near to May 12th 2016 as possible.

In short, a “Declaration of Responsibility” will have to be signed for every property, either by the owner or by their representative, and as soon as this declaration is lodged with the Andalucía Tourist Board, the property can be rented. You can find this in our new Terms and Conditions on your owner’s area.

The Malaga Delegation is going to be flexible and lenient with the registration and assured us that there is no need to panic. The objective is to get this “submerged industry” out into the open and guarantee quality control for the end user.

How complicated is this registration procedure and how much is it going to cost?

A completed hard copy of the downloaded Registration Form will need to be taken to the Provincial Delegation of Sport and Tourism to register the property. Alternatively, you can take the completed registration form to your local Town Hall and ask them to forward the form to the Provincial Delegation of Sport and Tourism, who would proceed to register the property. In both cases, the Occupation Licence will also need to be presented if available.

Once the application is received by the Provincial Delegation of Sport and Tourism, the file will be processed and if further information is required, they will contact you. Realistically, it will probably take a couple of months after presenting the first Registration Form to actually get an RTA number which begins with VFT = Vivienda con Fines Turísticos, followed by the first two letters of the province the property is situated in and then a number. For example, your number will look similar to this: VTA/MA/ 025764.

What happens if you cannot find or do not have a First Occupancy Licence?

(Licencia de primera ocupacion)

Don’t worry, when you visit the town hall, make a request to obtain or search for an Occupancy Licence. It will take approximately 2 weeks for the Town Hall to reply and to inform you whether a Licence exists and a duplicate can be obtained, or they will give instructions on how to obtain a licence.


As to the cost of this procedure, we are pleased to report that the Tourist Board of Andalucía has made the registration service free. The property owner can complete and submit the form themselves, but should take into account that the process is all in Spanish and is a very time consuming procedure, or they can use their Lawyer or Gestoría to do it for them. The usual fee would range from around €150 to €350, depending on who you engage to do it.

If you are a HomeCareontheWeb Owner you can give us permission to register your property on your behalf. Please send us an email at to ask about our property and rentals management services and how we can help you to comply with this new law.



We will inform you of all information as it becomes available, but in the meantime if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on or call 00 34 952 83 95 95

What the Marbella Town Plan Annulation Means for Property Owners

What the Marbella Town Plan Annulation Means for Property Owners

At the beginning of November the Supreme Court overturned Marbella’s 2010 Town Plan which re-categorised land  and worked out a compensation system in order to legalise 16,500 homes. This means that the 1986 plan is now in effect, with 18,000 illegal properties in the Marbella area, and property owners, purchasers and developers are concerned about what the future holds.

The Mayor of Marbella and the Junta de Andalucia have met to discuss how to solve the issue and show unity in the face of this crisis and promised to put temporary plans in place within six months, to ensure that construction and property sales do not stop whilst a new plan is created. The new plan is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, a long period of uncertainty for all involved in the Marbella property market. The council are seeking clarification of the annulation of the plan, particularly in regard to demolition orders for illegal properties and the Supreme Court’s views on the compensation system that the 2010 PGOU proposed. They are aiming to put together a new plan which Mayor of Marbella José Bernal says “has to definitively resolve the town planning corruption seen for 30 years”.  Find out more 

There will be nearly three years of limbo for owners of illegal properties in the Marbella region (from San Pedro to Cabopino) and it is expected to also effect owners of legal properties in the same area, due to fears of further changes and revisions making buyers nervous, and likely to boost sales in other parts of the Costa del Sol without these issues. The best course of action would be to wait and see what the temporary plan says before putting your property on the market, as the news will certainly push prices down. The market is recovering and is expected to continue to rise slowly but steadily over the coming years, so why not hang on to the property whilst the new plan is created and demand increases and then capitalise on demand and interest in 2019? Your property will certainly be worth more by then, and over the next few years you can rent out your property short or long term, generate income to cover costs and more whilst waiting for a resolution and improving market conditions.

Renting your property can be highly profitable and we expect this news to create yet more demand in the long term rental market, where there is already more demand than supply which is pushing monthly rental rates up. Long term rentals are a low effort, secure way to rent out your property, if you don’t want to use the property yourself. If you like to use the property for holidays, especially in the low season, then renting your property for the peak months of April to September is very attractive. You can expect to get the same for one week rental in high season as one month long term rental, so it’s really profitable, however there is more marketing and management required.

HomeCareontheWeb are Costa del Sol property management and rental specialists with powerful marketing throughout Europe to attract long term and short term clients, secure and easy booking systems, customer service professionals and a team of cleaners, maintenance personnel and support staff to manage all aspects of rentals, without any hassle for you.  With HomeCareontheWeb there to support you there’s no need to worry, simply sit back and wait for the rental fees to start coming in whilst you bide your time and see what the new PGOU will mean for you.  Get a quote or contact us today

British Buyers Flock to the Costa del Sol

British Buyers Flock to the Costa del SolAs we’ve reported in previous blog posts, the Spanish property market is on the up, with the Ministry of Development recently reporting that the country was officially out of recession and the property market finally showing sure signs of a slow but steady recovery. Prices are rising in some areas, as the best properties get snapped up, and much of this activity is being fuelled by foreign buyers. This is excellent news for property owners who have been patient and waited for the market to improve before selling. However, don’t expect a huge leap in prices, this will be a steady recovery whilst there is excess housing stock and it is still very much a buyers’ market.

The Independent reported recently that “after leaner times, British people are buying property abroad again as a new study reveals they are leading the way when it comes to properties bought by foreign nationals in Spain.” Nearly 20% of all property purchased by foreign nationals was bought by the British and not surprisingly Andalucia and the Costa del Sol in particular is one of the most popular areas for these British buyers.

The article reports that the British are finding Spain attractive due to the low prices following the property crash, the high UK property prices, as well as the wonderful climate and lifestyle that has had British tourists flocking to the area since the 1960s. This is particularly desirable for the older property buyers looking to retire to warmer climate, see their pension go further, and make a great investment.

There are buyers at the top and the bottom of the market, those looking for luxury properties, and the real bargains. Those buyers looking to invest in affordable property are being helped by the increased lending and also the historically low Euribor which is keeping repayments low.

All this is excellent news for owners of property, who will see the value of their investment steadily increase. However, we would advise you not to rush into selling, as this is an improving market and prices have only just started to rise. 2016 will be a good year to watch and see how prices, demand and mortgage lending changes before deciding to sell. In the meantime, you can rent out your property to the record level of tourists expected once again for 2016. This will pay any costs of home-ownership and if you have a desirable property such as a villa with a pool and you market it properly you can earn a really good income particularly over the peak season from April to September.

We can help with marketing and also managing the rentals whilst you’re watching the market, not to mention our comprehensive property management service. With more than ten years’ experience, bilingual staff, secure online system to manage your property from anywhere in the world and hundreds of happy customers, you can trust us with the important job of looking after your property.  Once you’re ready to sell, our partners Viva can give you the best chance of selling.

2016 should be a great year for owners of Spanish property and reward them for hanging on through the bad times! Let us know if we can help you in any way.

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