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La Cala and the Costa del Sol is building again

You can’t miss the reappearance of cranes on the horizon and the new developments which are springing up along the Costa del Sol. As we are based in La Cala in Mijas Costa we’ve been noticing it here more than ever and are delighted to see how many jobs are being created and the renewed interest in property in the area. There hasn’t been this much activity since the golden age of real estate at the beginning of the millennium and its being driven by demand from foreign buyers, as well as the reactivation of Spanish buyers.

A third of all the new development projects completed in Andalucia between March 2018 and 2019 were in the Malaga province according to the Sur in English. They add that two reports from a real estate firm and a valuation firm confirm the good health of the real estate industry in the Malaga province, both in terms of new properties being built and the increasing property prices. The Tinsa report showed that property prices here in Mijas have increased by 15.3%, but the company’s commercial director stressed that there’s a long way to go to reach the top prices seen in 2007. He also noted that lending controls and more gradual price increases protects the Costa del Sol from the real estate bubble that burst due to the financial crisis. Read more

The confidence in the Costa del Sol being shown by property buyers is being echoed by businesses who are investing in the area and creating more for the tourism sector and jobs for residents. Greek hotel chain Ikos are investing 150 million euros in a hotel in Estepona which is due to open in May 2020.  The Four Seasons group are opening a luxury hotel and private residences on the beachfront of Marbella, making an investment of 650 million to make this project a reality and there are many more businesses investing in the Costa del Sol.

We are very happy to see building projects spring up all around us in La Cala, as we’re seeing a large growth in demand for long term rentals throughout the year and holiday rentals in the peak season from April to September. La Cala is desirable because of its great beach area, community feel, nice restaurants, bars, amenities and the large weekly market. Tenants and holiday makers like the proximity to Fuengirola and Mijas Pueblo, the short trip from the airport and the great golf courses and leisure facilities nearby.

Our holiday rental clients love apartments in the La Cala Golf Resort, Dream Gardens and La Cala Azul. They like to be close to the beach, or within walking distance of the centre of La Cala, as well as developments with nice communal pools and gardens. Contemporary styling and open plan living is also popular, as well as great terrace space and opportunities for outdoor eating and socialising. Inland golf properties are also popular, as guests like the quiet, the views and the chance to be within walking distance of a golf course.

We are actively seeking more holiday rental properties in La Cala de Mijas to meet demand, so if you own a property, or are buying one of the new off-plan developments and thinking about renting it out please talk to us. The sooner we can list your property and get it promoted on our website, social media and out to our partners, the sooner we can get it rented out. Pop into our office in La Cala and let’s discuss how we can help you earn rental income.

Spain receives a boost by being named the world’s healthiest nation

As experts in holiday rentals and long-term rentals on the Costa del Sol, we were very pleased to see Spain ranked number one in Bloomberg’s Healthiest Country Index 2019. This has been widely promoted around the world and brought more positive attention on Spain as a great place live for a healthy and long life.

We expect this to have a positive impact on people wanting to move over to Spain permanently, as the index showed how good the public health system was and how, as a result of public health policies, rates of heart disease and deaths from cancer has significantly dropped. It also praised the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet on life expectancy and judged the country on many different variables which lead to a healthy life. Spain is expected to overtake Japan as the country with the highest life expectancy in 2040, further reinforcing Spain’s position as a healthy place to live.

Having lived and worked in Spain ourselves for many years, we’d say that there are a number of other factors about life here which makes it healthier than other nations.

  1. Access to great sports facilities, with a climate and culture which encourages getting active
  2. A relaxed attitude to life, which really reduces stress
  3. A culture which encourages family time and supporting each other

Demand for long-term rentals increasing

This positive news and promotion of the lifestyle benefits of Spain is further fuelling demand for long-term rental properties. Long-term rental demand has been growing for a number of years now, while supply has been decreasing, and this is causing significant price increases in the market – a trend we expect to continue. While competition in the short term let sector is very high, in many popular areas the demand is so high for long-term rentals that you can pick and choose your tenants.

If this sounds appealing and you’d like to earn rental income from your property, but have been put off from renting short term by the new rental laws, or the hassle of renting your holiday home, please get in touch.

We are actively looking for more long-term rental properties on the Costa del Sol from September onwards. Our dedicated Costa del Sol long-term rental website attracts a high level of visitors and we really need more properties to meet the demand.

With HomeCareontheWeb on your side, renting out your property doesn’t need to be stressful

HomeCareontheWeb are experts in property management and pride ourselves on caring for your property as if it was our own. If you rent out your property with us, we can take care of everything, from inventories and contracts, to rent collection and regular checks of the property. We can deal with any maintenance issues for your tenants, in your absence, and keep you informed about everything via our online owners’ area.

Please contact us and find out how we can help you start renting out your property long-term

Tips for successful property rentals

Tips for successful property rentals

As we prepare for the summer season, we wanted to offer you advice on how to make the most of your bookings and share some simple things that you can do to minimise costs and reduce stress when renting out your property. With over a decade of experience in renting out properties for our owners and taking care of them all year round, we’re the perfect people to give you the advice and support you need.

  1. Save on unnecessary extra laundry costs by having a locked cupboard or wardrobe in your property – We strongly advise that you have a lock fitted to one of your cupboards or wardrobes. This avoids having to pay for the laundering of your linen, towels and kitchen tea towels that have been used by holiday guests. As well as preventing the guests from using your linen, it enables you to store and use your linen for your own visits. If you don’t already have a locked cupboard or wardrobe in your property, please contact us and ask about how we can assist you with fitting a lock or installing a lockable storage container, and save yourself unnecessary laundering costs.
  2. Make sure you are declaring your income correctly with the newly updated form – If you earn rental income on a property in Spain it’s very important that you declare it correctly. Please note that the Online Form – Modelo 210 has changed slightly for 2018. Here is the link for the new form – https:/ If you have any doubts on what to declare and how to do it, please check with our rentals team. We offer support and guidance to our owners on how to comply with the rules and ensure you’re not at risk of any fines or penalties.
  3. Try to increase your rental season – One of the key ways to increase the income you earn from your property is to try to increase your window for rentals, through effective marketing and making sure your property is well set up for off peak rentals. We are seeing people booking later into September and October and these extra months can make a big difference to your income. Christmas is another good time for bookings if your property is prepared and marketed correctly. Check out our tips for increasing off peak rentals
  4. Consider renting long term – Another way to make good year round income is by renting long term. There is a much higher demand and lower supply of quality long term rentals compared to holiday lets, so it’s easy to find a tenant. We have a specialist long term rental department and are actively looking for more properties, so please talk to us if you want to rent your property long term and read our blog for long term rental tips
  5. Don’t try and go it alone, trust the experts – Last but not least, the best way to remove the stress of renting your property is to trust the experts. We’ve been offering property management services and renting out properties for owners for over a decade. We have the skills, manpower and experience to take everything in our stride. However, if you’re trying to do it alone, then meeting guests, making sure everything is working, fixing problems and dealing with payments and deposits can be a real pain. By signing up with a property management and rentals package with HomeCareontheWeb you can relax knowing your property is in safe hands and you can simply sit back and enjoy the income.

For more great tips like this, download our Secrets of Successful Rentals guide or contact our property management and rentals experts.

Marbella a 5* Destination

Marbella A 5 Star Destination

In January, the Mayor of Marbella José Bernal was at tourism fair FITUR to position Marbella as a 5* Destination and shine a light on its excellence in so many fields. The very well attended presentation focused on the area’s amazing performance in 2016 in terms of tourism and hotel occupancy and announced that they will be creating a forum on innovation and promotion to ensure that 2017 is even better.

Bernal stated that last year’s Easter and summer seasons were incredible, with June matching July to have 90% occupancy and reaching 93% occupancy in August. He added that as well as an increase in occupancy, they had also seen an increase in average spend per person and that hotel prices were increasing in line with the status of a 5* destination. As well as this great news, he marked the Town Hall’s commitment to continue the strong performance, through collaboration between themselves and local businesses and improving promotion and the tourist offering this year. He is aiming to compete with luxury destinations such as Miami, Monaco and Saint Tropez and asked for the support of businesses, organisations and individuals to promote the destination to build on last year’s success.

We have been flying the flag for Marbella and the whole of the Costa del Sol for over a decade, promoting both the area and of course our great holiday rental properties, far and wide. We are delighted to see renewed effort from the Town Hall to promote the area, and expect more demand for properties in Marbella as a result.

If you have a property in Marbella, San Pedro or Puerto Banus and would consider renting it out short term, please contact us. There is particular demand for villas with pools, centrally located properties and also properties with parking. If you have a property that would fit the bill, please don’t worry about renting it out. We are property management experts and will take care of the marketing, the bookings, the cleaning and welcoming guests, so there’s no stress for you, simply some very useful additional rental income. We look forward to hearing from you.

Winter care tips for your Costa del Sol property


November was incredibly wet, with over a week of pouring rain – how did your property stand up to the test? If you haven’t been able to check it yet please don’t delay, sadly lots of Costa del Sol properties are not built to stand such a deluge and leaks are common. If they are dealt with quickly and the house is dried out they are not a big problem, but leave them until next summer and you will have a major damp problem and an expensive issue to sort out before you can rent it again.

We have been visiting all the properties that we manage over this wet period to check that everything is OK and it’s made us realise that many owners really don’t consider their properties over the winter months, so we wanted to give you some advice on how to make sure that you come through the winter unscathed.

  1. Don’t stick your head in the sand – Have someone on the ground to check your property every month, air the place and put on the heating if necessary to keep the damp at bay and to deal with any issues that might have arisen. This is key to avoiding expensive issues later on.
  2. Regularly inspect the outside of your property for any potential issues – Think about any tall trees which could lose branches in a storm, check guttering is clear and that pipes are insulated and there are no leaks. Also check blinds and sun covers for rips and take down summer umbrellas and awnings to avoid damage.
  3. Turn off your mains water – If you aren’t in the property make sure the mains water is turned off, as you can’t always spot a leak and it will cost you a fortune on your water bill, not to mention potentially flood the house.

We hope this has been helpful, here are some more winter property care tips for you to support you in keeping your property in top condition. Remember that winter on the Costa del Sol is usually lovely, but it is definitely better to be safe than sorry in these cases.

If you’re not here, but want to ensure your property is in good condition, we can help. With more than a decade of property management experience and a big team of management and maintenance professionals you know that your property is in excellent hands when you choose HomeCareontheWeb. We also have an excellent online system where you can see reports and any maintenance issues at home when it suits you with just a few clicks of your mouse, so you are always up to date. Please get in touch if you need some Costa del Sol property management support and we’d be delighted to help.

Britons flock to Spain for holidays

Britons flock to Spain for holidays

There were fears that Brexit and a weak pound would stop the flow of British tourists into Spain this summer, but in fact The Guardian reported a huge increase in British tourism to Spain, up 11% in July from 2015. The Costa del Sol is one of the regions to see the biggest increase in tourism, after Barcelona and the Balearics, and further increases are expected here due to continued instability elsewhere. There has been such high demand for the Balearics, that Mallorca says it’s full and there are fears on how this is effecting the island. This should drive even more visitors to the resorts on the Costa del Sol, which are better able to cope with large tourist numbers.

11.3 million passengers flew into Malaga airport between January and August, a rise of 1.5 million. The peak season is running much longer this year and demand is high everywhere. Spanish hotel federations in the main resorts are reporting that occupancy in September reached 100%, and that trading for October is at new highs. This is great news for owners of Spanish property looking to rent out their properties short term, as people who can’t get into a hotel start to look for alternatives, and the season is extended by another two months.

At HomeCareontheWeb, it’s been an amazing year for rentals. In the past 9 months, our sister company HolidayRentalontheWeb has greeted 2,362 holiday arrivals, that’s at least 3,840 cleans and over 10,000 guests! A 32% increase from 2015. In previous years, the office was closed at the weekend from the end of August, but this year we will be open all through October on Saturdays to accommodate the continued flow of arrivals.

How was your rental year? If you rent out your property and feel that you should have done better, think carefully about how you can improve things for next year.

If you want to capitalise on this increased demand for next year’s peak season, you should register your property for short term rentals, get great photography and be ready to market it from January onwards. We believe that the lack of availability this year and high demand will lead people to book earlier, so it’s important that you are ready as soon as possible, we are already getting bookings for next summer, so to maximise rental income you should get moving quickly.

One of your first steps will be to sign up to a property management company who can take care of everything for you. Not all property management firms are equal, so make your decision based on the following criteria.

  • Check what level of support they can offer you – how many customer service people do they have, how many cleaners and maintenance staff for example, so you know you will be well looked after.
  • Look at how easy it will be for you to keep an eye on everything, e.g. is there an online system where you can log issues and view reports and images of your property when and where it is convenient to you or will they issue regular reports via email.
  • Consider their marketing power for promoting your property. You need to be able to trust that they can reach tourists in the UK and further afield, as well as being able to prepare the property and look after guests when they get here.

HomeCareontheWeb has over a decade of experience in property management, maintenance and rentals on the Costa del Sol, a big team of skilled employees and a powerful marketing reach online and offline. We really offer the full package and can take care of everything for you. Contact us and find out how we can help you capitalise on all of this amazing tourism and turn it into rental income!

Tips for maintaining your Costa del Sol property in the winter

maintaining your Costa del Sol property in the winterIf you’re lucky enough to own a Costa del Sol property, you probably think about it and visit it during the summer months, either because you’re renting it out for holiday rentals, or because you and your family are using it yourselves. However, ensuring your property remains in good condition over the winter is key to reducing the occurrence of problems and expensive maintenance issues.

Most Costa del Sol properties as designed and built for the glorious summer weather which we enjoy so often, with large windows, lush tropical gardens, large terraces equipped with furniture and large expanses of luxurious, cooling marble. These properties are amazing in the summer months, but can be problematic in the winter, getting very cold and damp and sometimes flooding.

The hot sun is tough on properties and so when the rains come, the water has a tendency to find its way in if the sun has weakened terrace joints or roofs. This is also the time when many properties sit empty, so if a small leak does occur it is not discovered for months, or until there’s a major problem and by then it’s a really costly problem to solve.

Here are some tips for ensuring your property stands up to the winter season –

  1. At the end of the summer season inspect your property carefully for any cracks or degradation of tiles or seals and get them fixed there and then
  2. Check gutters and drains for any leaves or anything which could block them and cause issues when the rains come
  3. Cover your pool if you can to keep it in good condition
  4. Check that your garden has adequate drainage which takes water away from the house and consider an automatic irrigation system for the dry winter days to make sure the garden is in great condition for next season
  5. Move all outdoor furniture inside and make sure it is clean and dry when you bring it in
  6. Clean your property thoroughly before closing it for any length of time, leaving fridges and freezers defrosted and with their doors open
  7. Have someone come and check the property at least once a month to identify any maintenance issues and air the property
  8. Consider heating the property sporadically to combat any damp
  9. Consider using the winter season for improvements such as a new coat of paint or improving tired bathrooms or replacing broken tiles etc. and ask builders to air the property and heat it when they are there to make sure it isn’t getting damp
  10. Check the property at least a month before any rental bookings to enable you to fix any issues, warm up the property and get rid of any damp smells

We offer comprehensive property management packages, where we come and check and air properties on the Costa del Sol on a regular basis and use our team of property maintenance experts to solve any issues quickly and efficiently. With over 10 years of experience and a great team behind us, you can trust HomeCareontheWeb to keep your property in tip top conditions for you or tenants next year.

Protecting Yourself and Your Holiday Rental Property

bigstock-Property-Insurance-89979281Renting out your Costa del Sol property, whether short term or long term, is a great source of revenue, and makes good use of your investment when you’re not using it. If you use a reputable property management company, hold a deposit and ensure that the property is inspected before the guests or tenants leave then you are well protected.

To protect yourself further, think carefully when you’re furnishing the property, choosing hard wearing furniture and considering sofas with removable cushion covers which can be replaced, wax table clothes to protect tables, and paint which is resistant to marks and easy to clean. There will be wear and tear from renting the property so don’t get precious about it, don’t have valuable or sentimental items in the property and factor in some cost for replacing things such as glasses, cups and plates and for repainting and re-upholstering furniture periodically.

Also invest in insurance which adequately covers you for renting your property, ideally with a company used to dealing with the type of claims which come from rental properties. Standard home insurance is usually for your principal residence and you may find that it won’t cover you for a rental property, or they will make it very difficult for you to make a claim.

We have had a lot of demand from property management clients for a reputable and specialised insurance company that they can trust. After researching what was out there and checking policies we found Hiscox, a company specialising in insuring holiday homes with a wealth of experience in covering higher-value holiday homes in the UK and overseas.

We are happy to recommend their services, as their approach is all about convenience, ensuring that things get put right even if the owner is not there when any issues occur. They have a network of English-speaking claims professionals available to help and have a reputation for a fast and fair claims service. Find out more

The Benefits of Choosing Property Management from HomeCareontheWeb

The Benefits of Choosing Property Management from HomeCareontheWebWe help hundreds of property owners on the Costa del Sol to keep their properties in top condition, secure and take the hassle out of owning property in Spain. We are property management and maintenance specialists with customer service, maintenance, cleaning and support staff at your disposal, plus over 10 years’ experience, so we’ve seen it all before!

Our owners have access to a state-of-the-art online system to allow them to monitor their Costa del Sol property no matter where they are. We will log any inspections, any issues and how things have been resolved, as well as pictures, so you’re always informed. As part of that system there is a calendar so you can log when you will be visiting and request cleaning or maintenance before your arrival and after you leave.

HomeCareontheWeb can also help you earn money from your property by renting it out. This is a highly effective way to generate income, but can be a headache if you try to manage it yourself. With professional property and rentals management on your side you don’t have to worry. We will market your property via our dedicated Holiday Rental website and our partnership with holiday rental heavy-weight Novasol. We will also handle the bookings, prepare the property, manage key handover, deal with issues during their stay, do an inspection before they leave and manage refunding their deposit, so you can just sit back and think how you’ll spend the rental income!

We have also prepared free guides to help you learn about renting out your property, we have partnerships with banks, lawyers and real estate agents so we can make recommendations and put you in touch with the right people no matter what you want to do.

What’s more, we have now partnered with BlueCatParking at Malaga Airport to offer our owners a 20% discount on airport parking!

Trust in us to care for your property as if it were our own, and let us know how we can help you, or request a quote.

Recommend our services and receive 50€!

tickets-301742_640If you are one of our loyal customers, we want to say a big thank you for putting your trust in us to look after your property. We have been doing property management on the Costa del Sol for 11 years, and our founders have owned a property here for more than 20 years! Over that time we have amassed a loyal following of clients that love the peace of mind that they get by using our property management services and want to recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

To reward these loyal customers for their recommendations, we have improved our Client Recommendation Programme so that everyone is a winner. All you have to do is recommend us to your friends, colleagues and associates and every time someone you recommend signs up to one of our services you will receive €50!

It doesn’t just have to be property management either, they can choose a service from one of the HomeCareontheWeb group of companies below:

And it’s good news for both of you if they sign up to a property management package, as both you and they will receive a month’s property management FREE.

To take part in this scheme simply send us the contact details of the people you are recommending, including their full name, email address and telephone number. These recommendations will be allocated under your name and once we have contacted them, and they have subscribed to one of our services, we will inform you and credit your account with us.

For more information on the Recommend a Friend Programme, contact us at stating “Recommend a Friend”.

Thanks again for choosing HomeCareontheWeb, please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

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