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Improving Energy Efficiency in Spain

Keeping down electricity bills is a common preoccupation for home owners in Spain, but of course reducing energy use is also good for the environment. Spain has recently brought in a requirement for homes for sale or rent to have a certificate demonstrating how energy efficient a property is to enable potential buyers or tenants to be able to judge the energy efficiency of different properties prior to making their decision.

The only buildings exempt from this requirement are buildings with floor area less than 50m2 or buildings used for less than four months a year or less than 25% of yearly consumption. In order to get a certificate you will provide information about the owner and property, an on-site energy audit conducted by a certified technician who will calculate its energy efficiency and generate a report which will identify weaknesses and also make recommendations for possible improvements. This must then be validated by the local administration for use over a 10 year period. If you sell or rent your property without advertising the energy efficiency certificate you are liable for fines, or it could potentially invalidate the sale or lease.  To find out more about these certificates, check out this useful article on Spanish Property Insight. We are able to arrange an energy certificate for your home, please contact us for details.

Here are a few handy tips for improving your home’s energy efficiency – Continue reading “Improving Energy Efficiency in Spain”

Grants for solar installations and air conditioning upgrades

solar-panelsWe all know the importance of saving energy to do our bit for the planet as well as reduce our energy bills. By using solar energy, you can harness the power of the Spanish sun, generate energy to heat your water and slash your monthly bills.

Another great energy-saving option is to upgrade your air-conditioning to more energy-efficient models. However, as this can be an expensive option, many people have put off making the change.


To help people save energy, the government of Andalucia is providing huge grants for solar installations and the replacing of household appliances (including air-conditioning units) for more energy-efficient ones. Continue reading “Grants for solar installations and air conditioning upgrades”

Spain’s stand against climate change

On Saturday 28 March at 8.30pm, six million people in Spain turned their lights off to mark Earth Hour including Malaga’s Los Flores and Obispo squares, Santander, El Cort Ingles and many local businesses. In total a billion people throughout the world took part in this initiative against climate change.

We can all make an impact to reducing our carbon footprint by taking simple steps such as turning off lights and air conditioning units when they aren’t in use and only heating pools and jacuzzis when needed. If we all did this it would make a great impact, not to mention reducing energy bills!

One of the biggest culprits for using energy and increasing bills is the airconditioning units we all need during those hot summer months. If you are renting out your property, guests often leave units running for the duration of their visit, and even left switched on at the end of their stay.

To solve this problem we’ve found a clever electrical device that limits unnecessary electricity consumption caused by misuse of air-conditioning units, as well as reducing wear and tear on the machines, and the negative impact on the environment.

By simply pushing a switch on a built-in electrical device, the air conditioning system is supplied with power for a fixed period after which it automatically switches itself off. Should the user decide that they want it on again, they merely press the button to allow it to run for another fixed period. It’s straightforward to fit and you won’t be left with any unsightly boxes, the only visible change within the property would be something that looks like a light switch. For more information click here.

HomeCareontheWeb can source and install this for you and help you reduce your bills and fight climate change. If you need to talk in more detail about the unit or would like to arrange for one to be installed, then please call our Operations Department on (0034) 952 83 95 95 or email us with your order or questions at or visit our website for any information on Costa del Sol Property Management

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