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Loss of satellite television channels Spain

We have recently received a number of enquiries about a recent loss of certain UK satellite TV channels such as Channel 5 and 4Seven so we have put together some information for our home owners on the Costa del Sol to keep you updated.

The loss of the popular UK satellite television channels is due to them moving from Astra 1N to Astra 2F and more channels are also planning to move satellites between now and next summer. It has been said that if you have lost channel 5 now, it is highly likely you will lose all BBC, ITV channels and the remaining channel 4 group after they make the move to the new satellite.

There are a companies who are offering solutions to this such as IPTV which is television through your internet and some residents have been told a bigger satellite dish is the answer, however if you don’t really miss the channels you have lost, the best thing to do at the moment would be nothing. When more of the channels start to move satellite you will be able to see what you are still able to receive with your current satellite dish, as the coverage received in Spain from the new satellites is unknown. So don’t be rushing out to buy a bigger dish just yet!

If you rent out your Spanish property and are concerned your tenants are losing television channels, rest assured HomeCareontheWeb will answer any concerns from your tenants and advise them of the latest updates and any possible solutions such as

You can read more on this subject and share your reception ability and location on useful threads such as those on If you require property management on the Costa del Sol visit our website or call 952 839 595



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