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Spain receives a boost by being named the world’s healthiest nation

As experts in holiday rentals and long-term rentals on the Costa del Sol, we were very pleased to see Spain ranked number one in Bloomberg’s Healthiest Country Index 2019. This has been widely promoted around the world and brought more positive attention on Spain as a great place live for a healthy and long life.

We expect this to have a positive impact on people wanting to move over to Spain permanently, as the index showed how good the public health system was and how, as a result of public health policies, rates of heart disease and deaths from cancer has significantly dropped. It also praised the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet on life expectancy and judged the country on many different variables which lead to a healthy life. Spain is expected to overtake Japan as the country with the highest life expectancy in 2040, further reinforcing Spain’s position as a healthy place to live.

Having lived and worked in Spain ourselves for many years, we’d say that there are a number of other factors about life here which makes it healthier than other nations.

  1. Access to great sports facilities, with a climate and culture which encourages getting active
  2. A relaxed attitude to life, which really reduces stress
  3. A culture which encourages family time and supporting each other

Demand for long-term rentals increasing

This positive news and promotion of the lifestyle benefits of Spain is further fuelling demand for long-term rental properties. Long-term rental demand has been growing for a number of years now, while supply has been decreasing, and this is causing significant price increases in the market – a trend we expect to continue. While competition in the short term let sector is very high, in many popular areas the demand is so high for long-term rentals that you can pick and choose your tenants.

If this sounds appealing and you’d like to earn rental income from your property, but have been put off from renting short term by the new rental laws, or the hassle of renting your holiday home, please get in touch.

We are actively looking for more long-term rental properties on the Costa del Sol from September onwards. Our dedicated Costa del Sol long-term rental website attracts a high level of visitors and we really need more properties to meet the demand.

With HomeCareontheWeb on your side, renting out your property doesn’t need to be stressful

HomeCareontheWeb are experts in property management and pride ourselves on caring for your property as if it was our own. If you rent out your property with us, we can take care of everything, from inventories and contracts, to rent collection and regular checks of the property. We can deal with any maintenance issues for your tenants, in your absence, and keep you informed about everything via our online owners’ area.

Please contact us and find out how we can help you start renting out your property long-term

Preparing your home for rentals

Here at HomeCareontheWeb we are property management and rental experts, with more than 15 years’ experience caring for our clients’ homes as if they were our own. Some clients simply like us to keep an eye on the property and deal with any issues that may arise while they’re away. However, the majority of our owners also want our help with generating income by renting out their property.

So, we wanted to share a few steps you need to take to prepare yourself and your home before you can start to rent it out and generate rental income.

  1. Decide whether to go short or long term

The first step in preparing your home for rentals is to decide what kind of rentals you want to do – short term holiday rentals, or long-term rentals. The long-term rental market is really booming and there is a definite shortage of supply, which is pushing prices up. However, this is most suitable for owners who don’t want to use their properties and are simply using it as an investment. Some contracts have breaks for the summer months to allow owners to holiday there themselves, but tenants usually want a 12 month contract. To find out more about long-term rentals download our free guide Home Owners Tips for Long-Term Rentals

If you want to use your property, but aren’t here often and can be flexible as to when you holiday, then short term rental is a good idea. Although there is a lot of competition in this field, properties rent well over the peak summer months, but tend to be empty outside the season, so you can use the property yourself. There is now regulation in this industry and you need to register your property, inform the police station when guests arrive and pay tax on your rental income, but this is still a good way to maximise the investment in your property.

Download our Secrets of Successful Rentals Guide to learn more about renting out your property.

Once you’ve decided how you want to rent your property then you need to prepare your property for when guests arrive.

  1. Make sure guests are informed

Create an information pack which helps guests to enjoy their stay to the full. This includes contact information for you or your property management company, instructions on how to operate things like the air conditioning, washing machine and dishwasher and any rules and regulations you would like guests to abide by. This information pack should also contain information about the local area, so your tenants feel right at home and know everything they need to so that living in your property offers the best possible experience.

  1. Protect your valuables

Guests will look after your property to the best of their ability, but it’s best not to leave important things at risk. Pack away any items of value (sentimental or financial) and any delicate items you wouldn’t want broken and store them in a safe place. Many landlords buy new but easily replaced packs of cups, plates and glasses from Ikea so there’s no sentimental value and if things get broken it really doesn’t matter.

It’s also a good idea to remove any highly personal items such as photographs and keepsakes and make your property neutral, as this will help guests feel right at home.

  1. Clean, clear out and tidy

Clear your cupboards and fridge and make sure you have all the essential items for a short term or long term tenant. Then deep clean everywhere and perform any small maintenance tasks you may have been putting off to make sure everything is perfect for your guests’ arrival.

Organize cleaners who can handle the change over after guests leave and gardeners, if necessary, to keep your garden in good condition for guests and make sure the property is secure. Appoint someone to keep hold of your keys so that cleaners, gardeners and maintenance people can get access. Then you are ready to welcome your first guests and start generating income.

If this all sounds like too much work, call in the experts!

HomeCareontheWeb can take care of all of this for you. Our experience and multi-skilled team makes this easy, and we have processes in place to remove the stress from you. We are able to find you rental clients, taking bookings, handle payments and deposits and organize all the people needed to keep your property in great condition for you and your tenants.

Please browse our website to find out more about our property management packages and our rental management services, or contact our helpful team to find out more.

Renting long-term to families

Renting long-term to families

The long-term rental market is booming here on the Costa del Sol, with demand outpacing supply. If you’re looking to rent out your property long-term, the family market is a very good one to target.

This is because they tend to stay for a predictable amount of time, as they are bound by school years, and if they are happy and comfortable, they can be tenants for the whole of their kids’ school careers. Although it’s true that having kids around can cause some wear and tear on the property in terms of marks on the walls and furniture, our experience is that because they want a nice home for their family, they tend to generally be careful with the property and often make improvements which will appeal to future family renters.

They also have an excellent network, so when they choose to leave, they often recommend the tenant after them if they are happy with the property and your treatment of them. This minimises the time your property is empty, and makes it easy for you to get your next rental, as the people already know and like the property.

Your property will particularly appeal to families if –

  1. You are near a good school
  2. The property has good public transport links
  3. The property has access to a secure pool
  4. The property has a garden
  5. The kitchen, living and dining space is generous and open plan

Steps you can take to attract family tenants

  1. Get and install a stairgate
  2. Make one of the bedrooms child friendly, by putting in bunkbeds or a desk
  3. If there is space which could be used as a playroom, illustrate this by putting in some toys and a play mat for example
  4. Brighten up the kitchen with a lick of paint or some new doors, as this is probably the biggest selling room in a family home

If you want to find out more about renting long-term, or would like advice on appealing to a particular market please contact us. We have a dedicated long-term rental website HomeRentalontheWeb, a lot of clients looking for long-term rentals and over a decade of experience managing long-term tenants. We can handle everything for you from inventory, to contracts, inspections and rent collection to ensure your tenants are happy and your property is being well looked after. Please contact us for more information.

Rental returns for Costa del Sol properties

Rental returns for Costa del Sol properties

Spain is a very popular destination for expats to buy investment properties, second homes, or as a place to retire, with 35% of buyers considering buying in Spain according to an article in The Telegraph. In the same report, it states that these properties can be an excellent source of income due its popularity as a holiday destination and growing interest in holiday rental properties.

The Costa del Sol, has a thriving rental market, with high rental yields for both long term and short term lets. As we reported in our last blog, long-term rentals can be an excellent choice for landlords, as a stable, secure and stress free way to generate income from your property.

A new study has shown that long-term rentals in coastal areas, particularly on the first or second line of the beach offer 5.67% rental yields – up from 5.37% in 2016 and well above the 4.3% national average. The main reason for this increase in prices is lack of supply, as property owners in these prime beachfront properties choose short-term holiday lets over long-term rentals, yet demand continues to increase. Read the full article

Property owners can get seduced by the higher per week revenue from a holiday rental, without looking at the annual yields. Typically, a property would rent short term in peak summer and Easter for the same for one week, as one month for a long term, but properties are often empty when renting out short term.

Occupancy depends on the quality of the property, the area and the marketing, but regular rentals are normally only seen in Easter and from June to the end of August, so even at full capacity over those months you would only be looking at 13 weeks of rentals. Of course, it is rare to be fully booked every week, so usually you would count on perhaps 10 weeks per year.

With long-term rentals, demand is high and people stay in a property for many years if they are happy and well looked after, marketing is easier and so the annual return is often higher and the costs of management are lower. Owners who are renting long-term also do not have to worry about the new holiday rental legislation, so it’s an easier process all round.

Long-term rentals is not for everyone, as if you want to use the property in the low season, then holiday rentals is a better option. However, if you have your property as an investment it is a very appealing option to consider.

Please contact us and we can evaluate your property and estimate the rental yields from short and long-term rentals and help you decide the best course of action for you. We have also created two free guides – Secrets of Successful Rentals and Home Owners Tips for Long Term Rentals which you can download and will help you to make up your mind.

As Costa del Sol Property Management experts, we also manage the property, market it and handle all the tenants and any issues they may have, so you can just relax, knowing it is in safe hands.

Increase in Spanish Tourism Rates on the Costa del Sol

According to the National Institute of statistics (INE), tourism figures from the month of May show that the Costa del Sol is recovering as a holiday destination for the Spanish, with domestic tourist figures increasing by 20.6%.

The positive figures coincide with the launch of recent campaigns by the Junta de Andalucía and the central government, which were set to encourage Spaniards to go on holiday in Spain. Part of the campaign includes a new website allowing visitors to compare internal flights, reserve event tickets and book restaurants, encouraging them to holiday locally.

The Sur in English claimed in an article written on the 28th June that the president of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board Elías Bendodo predicted a “very good” summer this year, with the total visitor numbers expected to increase by  two or three per cent during the peak season.

This is great news for home owners who use their property for holiday rentals, summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the buzzing season and earn some extra money from your property. Many tourists prefer the comfort of self-catering accommodation whilst on holiday, allowing them to relax and entertain as they would in their own home

Here at HomeCareontheWeb we offer a range of property management services which help you along with the process of renting your property as a holiday rental.  If you want to find out more, visit our website, or call us on 952 839 595.

Spain’s progress out of recession

There’s bad news wherever you look when it comes to the state of the Spanish economy, yet according to Prime  Minister Mariano Rajoy things are moving in the right direction and the government’s policies are having an effect and decreasing deficit and lowering inflation.

Let’s hope his assertions are true! It has been reported that industrial production is also up, leading to hopes that the rest of the economy will follow suit in time and create much needed employment. Certainly here on the Costa del Sol it seems like summer is in full swing and restaurants, bars and shops are benefiting from the influx of tourists. Marbella is in the middle of its annual “feria” or festival to celebrate its patron saint and right now it doesn’t feel like we’re in the depths of a recession when you’re out enjoying yourself.

It is true that the Costa del Sol is a bit of a special case and so it’s difficult to evaluate in the national averages. This area’s property market has been supported by foreign buyers who are increasingly being attracted by lower prices and good buy-to-let opportunities.

Income can be made throughout the year depending on the returns you’re looking for. Long term rentals have been really popular whilst the property market has been on the downward trend, as people are reluctant to buy and it’s a steady form of income. Alternatively, holiday rentals produce high earning potential during the peak periods and leave owners able to enjoy their property the rest of the year.

Either way, it’s highly recommended to have trusted help on the ground to look after your property and make sure it is well-maintained, secure, clean and ready for the arrival of tenants. Property management companies on the Costa del Sol can be your eyes and ears and even be the point of contact with long term tenants, removing the worry!

We need more villas to rent during the peak seasons and more long term rental properties in general for our clients and so we can both look after your property and rent it out for you.  For more information please get in touch, if you become a client before October we’ll even enter you into our 10 year anniversary prize draw to win an i-Pad and free Costa del Sol property management.

Make Extra Income From Your Spanish Property

This year, has seen a surge in home owners wishing to make some extra cash from renting out their properties in Spain.

Being a landlord comes with many benefits and doesn’t have to be any stress or hard work at all with the right property management company. So it’s no surprise given this economic climate that owners have turned to their properties as a way of making more income.

Good news is that there is still a big demand for properties in Spain. The self catering option is increasingly attractive to all types of holiday makers and many people are choosing long term rentals as they are not in a position to purchase. In fact from January to the end of August 2012, over 2200 weeks of holiday rentals were booked with HomeCareontheWeb’s properties. That is a lot of happy home owners and holiday makers!

If you want to know more about renting out your Spanish property visit our website or call us on 952 83 95 95

Top tips for increasing your rental bookings

Many home owners in Spain are choosing to rent out their properties for long-term rental, and shorter holiday lets. This is a great way to help keep up with the mortgage and other costs. However, with hundreds of villas and apartments up for rental, how can you make your property stands out from the rest and secure those valuable bookings? Here are a few tips to potentially increase your chances of getting rental bookings, and generate more income. Continue reading “Top tips for increasing your rental bookings”

Marbella being promoted as Madrid’s beach

Picture courtesy of Marbella Town Hall

Great news for home owners on the Costa del Sol looking to generate rental income! Marbella Town Hall has signed an agreement with Madrid’s Tourism Promotion Board to designate Marbella as the supplier of cultural leisure and tourism for the capital in the areas of sun and beach, golf, rest and health.

This will give Marbella huge promotional power to send a message internationally that Marbella is the beach of Madrid and that the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit Madrid throughout the year should choose to spend part of their vacation in Marbella. They hope that this will significantly increase visitor numbers and increase the profile of the area.

As part of their promotional effort the Marbella delegation met with the Secretariat of State of Tourism to ensure that Marbella is integrated in a new project to promote Spain entitled “Spanish flavors”. They also met cities on the AVE network, like Bilbao, Valencia, Valladolid and Madrid, with the purpose using the AVE link to promote Marbella in these important markets.

We know that getting Marbella recognised as a great place to visit throughout the year is vital for generating rentals for our clients and making the area prosper. HomeCareontheWeb is supporting the Town Hall’s promotional effort by working with the UK press and our large database of holiday-makers to promote Marbella. We have joined forces with Europe’s Number one holiday rental provider Novasol to further promote both the destination and our owner’s properties.

If you’d like to generate more rental income for your Costa del Sol property you can sign up with Novasol for free. To help take the stress out of renting your property we can offer affordable property management packages. Visit our website for more information or email

Renting your Costa del Sol Property at Easter

NovasolEaster is a very popular time to visit Spain as you can really experience the catholic culture with daily processions through the streets.

The weather normally turns a corner as well and becomes warm enough to spend the day on the beach and the many beachside restaurants reopen.  It feels like the Costa del Sol come back to life after its winter break and rental occupancy increases dramatically.

If you are looking for rental income over the Easter period it’s not too late, as people increasingly leave booking until the last minute – but don’t rest on your laurels. As you may know, Novasol, the largest holiday rental company in Europe, has partnered with us to help them launch into the Spanish market. Novasol are looking for properties to rent out and they can help you increase your rental income because:

  • Novasol is present in over 12 countries and sells through more than 15,000 travel agents.
  • Your property would be promoted in the native language of each of those countries via their network of websites and their catalogues distributed to 15,000 travel agents. It would also be promoted on for maximum exposure in Europe.

For your property to appear on the Novasol websites is completely FREE so what are you waiting for? If you would like Novasol to begin marketing your property for Easter and the rest of the season, click on this link for more information. Don’t miss out on potential rentals!

If you need any help please call us on 0034 952 83 95 95 and ask to speak to one of the Novasol team.

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