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Making your property appealing to… Pet Owners

dogfriendlyIn this feature we want to look at differentiating your property from other rental homes on the market and identifying the perfect people for your home and making sure your property ticks all the boxes for that target market.

If you have animals in your home and are an animal lover who is happy to welcome pets into your rental home you have a very clear selling point as it’s difficult to find. As a pet owner you will know how difficult it can be to leave the family pet at home, so finding somewhere they are welcome and catered for is a huge bonus.

Make sure that in your property description you make this a visible point and show why the property is particularly suitable for pets, including extras such as dog baskets and toys, a secure garden with space for them to run around in, or a cat flap for example.

It’s easy to delight your guests and create very loyal, return bookings by leaving little treats for the animals for when they arrive and also offering tips for the guests on what to do with pets in the area. Previously there have been problems as people didn’t know that they weren’t allowed to take animals for a walk on the public beaches for example, so if you can leave some useful information for your guests they will be very grateful and it will certainly enhance their stay in your home.

Here are some things you can share with them –  

  • Check out the dedicated dog park near to Fuengirola in the area of Los Pacos, which is the largest of its kind in Andalucia and receives rave reviews.
  • Normally it isn’t allowed to walk your dog on the beach, but you can now visit the beach in Fuengirola, where it boarders Mijas to take advantage of a 2,000 square metre area specifically devoted to the enjoyment of pets and owners
  • Visit the 10,500 square meter dog park in the Nagüeles area opened in 2013
  • There’s also a new dog park in the San Pedro park – Parque de los Tres Jardines. This is a new 4,500m2 dog park which includes an exercise area, play area and two areas for dogs to relieve themselves.

However do be aware as well, that being a property where animals are welcome can also put some people off, for example those with allergies, and that thorough cleaning is particularly important at the end of a stay.

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