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Important changes to Spain’s Coastal Law

In 1988 a law was introduced to protect Spain’s coastline by making the whole coastal area public domain without allowing any private ownership. The public domain encompasses all areas of beach, the limit of where the waves can reach, areas of sand, shale or pebbles which are affected by coastal winds and any area reclaimed from the sea.

This has caused serious problems for homeowners in these locations, their only hope being that they would be granted a concession to use the property for a period of 30+30 years, as long as the property was built legally before 1988. They couldn’t sell the property or even leave it to their children so essentially their hands were tied and this concession was due to expire in 2018, therefore their fate was uncertain.

However, finally there is some good news for these homeowners, as new reforms extends the concession to use the property to 75 years, making it legal to buy and sell and get loans to undertake refurbishment work. Homeowners on the Costa del Sol still face the prospect of Andalucia challenging the ruling, but as the EU is behind it and there’s a lot of public pressure there is a hope that the reforms will be brought in. Continue reading “Important changes to Spain’s Coastal Law”

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