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Record Breaking September Continues the Good News for Spain

Record Breaking SeptemberAs we mentioned in our last post, summer was incredible – with record tourist numbers in Spain seen throughout the peak season. Those owners who were marketing their property correctly and had a desirable home did better than ever and we saw a big increase in holiday rentals.

Typically the peak season is June to August, but this year it seems like more people decided to take advantage of the amazing September weather and cheaper flights and come for an autumn getaway. Aena (the network of Spanish airports) recently reported that they had their best September ever, with an impressive 5% increase compared to last year. The Costa del Sol’s main airport Malaga did very well, with 1.53 million passengers in September, a 3.6% increase from the year before and September certainly felt busier than normal on the streets and in the restaurants of the larger towns. Read the full article

Visitors who decided to come to the Costa del Sol in September were rewarded with incredible weather, with temperatures in the late 20s and early 30s and plenty of warm sunshine.  We hope due to the popularity of September this year and the great weather, that this time of the year will continue to grow and will extend the traditional high season until the beginning of October. It’s something we’re working hard to encourage, as an extra month of rentals is highly valuable to property owners.

The Costa del Sol is a great year round destination and we promote the area all year round to try and capture off peak bookings for couples without children, or the October half term holiday crowd who want some winter sun. However, if you want your property to be rented over the cooler months, please make sure it is prepared properly, otherwise it can feel bleak for holiday makers.

We recommend that you invest in some duvets and blankets for the beds, some curtains which can be hung during the colder months and give both the impression of warmth and an excellent barrier to drafts. A few well-placed rugs make people feel at home and take away from the cold of the marble floors and oil-filled radiators are excellent at warming a property cost-effectively.

Check your glazing if you’re really serious about winter rentals, as often windows and doors let in a lot of cold air and so new windows or heavy curtains are required for people to feel comfortable. The best thing for winter rentals is to have a wood burner with a door (this is the most effective for heating a property) or an open fire, as this makes the colder evenings into an occasion and it’s so pretty and special.

We can help you to prepare your property for a winter rental and market it with this in mind, so please just ask for Costa del Sol property rentals advice. As experts in property management and rentals management, we can give you the right advice depending on your objectives and how much you’re willing to spend.

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