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Spain’s progress out of recession

There’s bad news wherever you look when it comes to the state of the Spanish economy, yet according to Prime  Minister Mariano Rajoy things are moving in the right direction and the government’s policies are having an effect and decreasing deficit and lowering inflation.

Let’s hope his assertions are true! It has been reported that industrial production is also up, leading to hopes that the rest of the economy will follow suit in time and create much needed employment. Certainly here on the Costa del Sol it seems like summer is in full swing and restaurants, bars and shops are benefiting from the influx of tourists. Marbella is in the middle of its annual “feria” or festival to celebrate its patron saint and right now it doesn’t feel like we’re in the depths of a recession when you’re out enjoying yourself.

It is true that the Costa del Sol is a bit of a special case and so it’s difficult to evaluate in the national averages. This area’s property market has been supported by foreign buyers who are increasingly being attracted by lower prices and good buy-to-let opportunities.

Income can be made throughout the year depending on the returns you’re looking for. Long term rentals have been really popular whilst the property market has been on the downward trend, as people are reluctant to buy and it’s a steady form of income. Alternatively, holiday rentals produce high earning potential during the peak periods and leave owners able to enjoy their property the rest of the year.

Either way, it’s highly recommended to have trusted help on the ground to look after your property and make sure it is well-maintained, secure, clean and ready for the arrival of tenants. Property management companies on the Costa del Sol can be your eyes and ears and even be the point of contact with long term tenants, removing the worry!

We need more villas to rent during the peak seasons and more long term rental properties in general for our clients and so we can both look after your property and rent it out for you.  For more information please get in touch, if you become a client before October we’ll even enter you into our 10 year anniversary prize draw to win an i-Pad and free Costa del Sol property management.

Study reveals Costa del Sol is still a desirable location

Some good news for home owners and local businesses in the Malaga province as the results from a study about 2012 beach bar takings in the area came back as satisfactory.

The study shows that despite the economic crisis, the Costa del Sol is still a very desirable place to holiday and that beach food services and tourism in general is not in crisis. In fact, custom from foreign clients has noticeably increased which is great news for home owners who wish use their properties for holiday rentals this year.

Southern Spain has so much to offer with the superb weather and a wide range of things to do for people of all tastes and ages, it’s no wonder the area remains popular. The excellent selection of golf courses, beaches and activities keep even the most active families on their toes. For those who enjoy the quieter life, there are plenty of unspoilt places to relax and unwind and lots of gastronomical gems waiting to be found, hidden away from the hustle and bustle.

Families, and couples from all over the world will be coming to the Costa del Sol for their holidays this year including many from the Nordic community who are said to be some of the highest spending tourists. Russian tourists also love the area and usually prefer to stay in holiday homes on the Costa del Sol, so again this is good opportunity for home owners looking to make extra income from their properties in 2013.

How can you advertise your property to appeal to foreign markets?

HomeCareontheWeb have partnered up with Europe’s leading holiday home company, Novasol, who can advertise your property for you and promote it on up to 11 different websites, all in their own languages. Registering your property with Novasol is free, for more information email us or call 952 839 595.

Electricity bill increase January 1st

As many of us saw from this week’s Sur in English, from January 1st, millions of households across Spain will see an increase in their electricity bills. The new increase is due to a 6.9% hike in the price of power bought by suppliers. Consumers will feel the effects with a 3% rise in energy costs.

This increase of 3% will be charged to those on the domestic tariff known as TUR, with contracted power below 10 kilowatts. However the Ministry of Industry also plan to issue a surcharge of up to 8% to those contracted to 3 kilowatts of power or more, if they exceed average consumption by over 10%. According to calculations made by OCU consumers organisation, this could mean an additional charge of around 3% onto the average household electricity bill, meaning the total increase could reach around 6% on every bill.

There are number of things you can do to reduce your electric consumption and save money on bills such as;

  • Use energy efficient light bulbs and solar lights for the garden
  • Use a halogen cooker instead of fan oven
  • Turn all appliances off at mains when not in use, rather than leave on standby
  • Use a fire if you have one rather than radiators if possible
  • Only use the tumble dryer where necessary, use a clothes horse for drying instead
  • Use an energy monitor to show you how different appliances affect your consumption and to show where you could make savings
  • Fill up the dishwasher before using so you do fewer washes
  • Load your washing machine to the full so you do fewer washes

Some of these tips can also work well if you use your property for holiday rentals and want to keep the electric consumption to a minimum. Some households are even investing in solar energy devices to minimise power costs and reduce energy consumption. This can save hundreds on electricity bills each year and has a positive effect on the environment, so is well worth looking into as costs continue to rise.

As part of our property management services on the Costa del Sol we can deal with all the utility companies and even receive any correspondence from them on your behalf so you know that even if you are away from your Spanish property, everything is being dealt with as it should be. Contact us to find out more about this service.


Loss of satellite television channels Spain

We have recently received a number of enquiries about a recent loss of certain UK satellite TV channels such as Channel 5 and 4Seven so we have put together some information for our home owners on the Costa del Sol to keep you updated.

The loss of the popular UK satellite television channels is due to them moving from Astra 1N to Astra 2F and more channels are also planning to move satellites between now and next summer. It has been said that if you have lost channel 5 now, it is highly likely you will lose all BBC, ITV channels and the remaining channel 4 group after they make the move to the new satellite.

There are a companies who are offering solutions to this such as IPTV which is television through your internet and some residents have been told a bigger satellite dish is the answer, however if you don’t really miss the channels you have lost, the best thing to do at the moment would be nothing. When more of the channels start to move satellite you will be able to see what you are still able to receive with your current satellite dish, as the coverage received in Spain from the new satellites is unknown. So don’t be rushing out to buy a bigger dish just yet!

If you rent out your Spanish property and are concerned your tenants are losing television channels, rest assured HomeCareontheWeb will answer any concerns from your tenants and advise them of the latest updates and any possible solutions such as

You can read more on this subject and share your reception ability and location on useful threads such as those on If you require property management on the Costa del Sol visit our website or call 952 839 595



Enjoy 5* Treatment and Hotel Style Extras

Since the 1970’s, the Costa del Sol has been a popular place for the rich and famous to take their holidays and buy property and its not hard to see why with the beautiful weather and stunning surroundings. If it was good enough then for the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, it’s no surprise that the Costa del Sol still remains a favourite destination for those who live a luxurious lifestyle.
If you are planning a visit to your Spanish home this festive season why not put some luxury into your trip and enjoy 5* treatment from your property management company?
·         Arrive in style as you are chauffeur driven from the airport to your property allowing you to relax as soon as you touch down in Spain.
·         Your property awaits you immaculately clean with freshly laundered bedding and towels.
·          The water will be nice and hot ready for a relaxing shower after your journey
·         The welcome pack full of essential groceries and toiletries means you needn’t rush out for anything.
·         All electrical appliances will have been checked to ensure everything is working for your arrival and any heating switched on ready for you.
·         For those extra VIP touches we can even make sure you have fresh flowers, chocolates and champagne ready and waiting for you at your property!
When you leave there is no need to worry about the laundry or cleaning as our team will take care of it. Your HomeCare manager will also double check everything has been switched off and locked up so you don’t have to!
HomeCareontheWeb puts the fun back into visiting your Spanish property! To take advantage of the above services, contact us on 952 839 595 or visit our website.

HomeCareontheWeb Partners With Top Property Company VIVA

Finding a property management company on the Costa del Sol you can trust to look after your home as if it were their own can be a challenge, especially if you are not in the county all the time or you use your property for rental income. You need to know everything is taken care of from start to finish and that your property is being well looked after.

With recent events such as the catastrophic fires and floods on the Costa del Sol it’s all the more important to have the right property management company taking care of everything so you can be rest assured its all in good hands if you’re not there.

HomeCareontheWeb has serviced more than 3000 maintenance requests already this year and looked after more than 6000 holiday guests for hundreds of happy home owners. This is just some of the reasons why top property company VIVA has recently made HomeCareontheWeb a recommended partner!

Since partnering up, HomeCareontheWeb are offering a one month free property management package when you buy your property through VIVA!

For more information on property management, rentals or buying property on the Costa del Sol, give us a call on 952 83 95 95 or visit our website.

The Importance of a good Property Management Service

We thought it would be a good idea to provide a low down on the importance of having a property management service in place when renting out your villa…

Many property owners can be confused by or unaware of the property management services which are available, which can result in negative or nervous feelings about renting your property.

It is important to find a good property management company as it allows home owners to forget about the hassles, allowing someone else to take the weight off your shoulders.

Some of the services which you can expect from our property managing service are:

  • Repairs service which can be accessed and booked online from our website or via email
  •  Property maintenance, providing trustworthy tradesmen to fix your problems
  •  Key holding service, allowing family and friends to visit hassle free
  •  Information guides for guests and tenants
  •  Full administration service, dealing with all the paperwork for you
  •  Monthly inspections, ensuring that your property remains as you left it

Having a service like this allows homeowners to take advantage of the holiday seasons, resulting in a hassle free process.

For more information on property management on the Costa del Sol, please visit our website or contact us on Telephone: (+34) 952 83 95 95 or email

What to do with unwanted furniture in Fuengirola

Old sofaDid you know that half of the littering fines issued in Fuengirola are due to people dumping unwanted furniture in the street? Plus fines can be hefty from 300 to 1,500€! Many people just leave their furniture by the bins and expect it to be picked up, which causes a big problem for the local authorities, not to mention unattractive streets.

So what do you do with the furniture? Most town halls offer services a free pick up service. If you live in the Fuengirola area you can call 900 101 889 and arrange a time and date when someone from the Town Hall can come and collect it. Marbella area has a really helpful foreigner’s department which you can call to ask for the service 952 82 38 01.

If you’d rather not handle this problem, then our Property Management specialists can come and deal with it on your behalf and can even provide Costa del Sol furniture packs to replace it, leaving you free to enjoy your property. If you’d like to find out more about our comprehensive property management services please email or call + 34 952 83 95 95 and talk to our friendly English-speaking staff.

Marbella being promoted as Madrid’s beach

Picture courtesy of Marbella Town Hall

Great news for home owners on the Costa del Sol looking to generate rental income! Marbella Town Hall has signed an agreement with Madrid’s Tourism Promotion Board to designate Marbella as the supplier of cultural leisure and tourism for the capital in the areas of sun and beach, golf, rest and health.

This will give Marbella huge promotional power to send a message internationally that Marbella is the beach of Madrid and that the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit Madrid throughout the year should choose to spend part of their vacation in Marbella. They hope that this will significantly increase visitor numbers and increase the profile of the area.

As part of their promotional effort the Marbella delegation met with the Secretariat of State of Tourism to ensure that Marbella is integrated in a new project to promote Spain entitled “Spanish flavors”. They also met cities on the AVE network, like Bilbao, Valencia, Valladolid and Madrid, with the purpose using the AVE link to promote Marbella in these important markets.

We know that getting Marbella recognised as a great place to visit throughout the year is vital for generating rentals for our clients and making the area prosper. HomeCareontheWeb is supporting the Town Hall’s promotional effort by working with the UK press and our large database of holiday-makers to promote Marbella. We have joined forces with Europe’s Number one holiday rental provider Novasol to further promote both the destination and our owner’s properties.

If you’d like to generate more rental income for your Costa del Sol property you can sign up with Novasol for free. To help take the stress out of renting your property we can offer affordable property management packages. Visit our website for more information or email

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