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Is your property ready for Easter rentals?

home-handsEaster is considered the start of the peak season on the Costa del Sol and sees an influx of tourists for the lovely spring weather, wonderful Easter parades and because it’s a short haul destination it’s perfect for families to spend the Easter school holidays. Don’t be caught out and not have your property prepared for Easter, as it’s early this year starting on 25th March.

It’s important that your property has been well aired if it’s been shut up over the winter and we’d suggest heating it before any guests arrive to take off the chill. Check your paintwork for signs of damp (which often arises over the winter) and also general wear and tear, there is time for us to come in and paint your property before the Easter bookings arrive, but please don’t leave it too late, as you need the paint to dry and to air the property so it doesn’t smell of paint. We can offer some great tips for preparing for 2016 rental season, along with our special offers to paint your property, so don’t hesitate in contacting us for our professional advice and assistance.

There are a few really nice touches that you can make inexpensively to make an Easter trip to the Costa del Sol really special for your holiday guests. First, pick up the Easter programme from your local tourist office so that they can easily see the parades and special activities going on in the local area. Second, pop down to a nearby international supermarket such as Supersol, Supercor or Iceland and buy a few Easter Eggs for your guests, they will love the thought, and it’s a really nice touch as they are not as widely available as they are in the UK. If you’re not here but you’d like to prepare something like this, we can put a welcome pack in for the guests, which are always well received.

Make sure that the property is warm enough and that you have enough bedding to make it cozy, as although the day time temperatures can be high at this time of year, nights are still chilly and the properties tend to be cold after the winter. Leave logs if you have an open fire so they can warm the place up right away. Also, this is a time of spring showers, so leave an umbrella for them so they are prepared.

Small touches like this make all the difference for a successful rental and give you the best chance of repeat bookings. If you would like our Costa del Sol property maintenance team to visit your property and see what needs to be done, or would simply like our cleaners to visit the property, air and heat it and give it a thorough clean, we can arrange everything for you. Please call + 34 952 83 95 95 or email as soon as you can to get prepared.

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