Will Spain adopt the smoking ban?

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After smoking bans were successfully implemented in the UK, Ireland and strict legislation put in place in many other countries in Europe, pressure is growing on Spain to follow suit.

The National Smoking Prevention Committee has undertaken a survey which has revealed that over 60% of those surveyed are in favour of implementing a total ban in restaurants, bars and cafes. They have collected over two million signatures and a legion of fans online in favour of the ban, but are facing a large-scale opposition from the Spanish Hotel and Catering Association which represents the bar, restaurant and cafe owners. This sector has already been hit hard by the recession and owners don’t want this legislation to further damage business. They instead suggest non-smoking areas and a gradual introduction of measures rather than a total ban, as they believe that many Spanish customers would be put off if they could not smoke and would be encouraged to stay at home.

I’m surprised that this survey has shown such support for the ban, as the Spaniards I meet seem pretty enthusiastic smokers and there doesn’t seem to be the same anti-smoking attitude that existed in the UK before the ban. What do you think? Does the smoke in bars put you off from going out when you visit your holiday home? Do you get negative feedback from visitors about the smoking? What is your attitude to guests smoking in the house? It would be really interesting to hear your views.

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