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It’s a question a lot of owners ask: Why do I need a property management company to look after my Spanish property? Well, there are many physical and practical reasons why…

property managementIt’s a question a lot of owners ask: Why do I need a property management company to look after my Spanish property?

Well, there are many physical and practical reasons why hiring a property management company to care for your property is a good idea, especially if you’re absent from Spain for most of the year.

Let’s start with the physical reasons.

There’s no doubt the Costa del Sol is blessed most of the year with a mild climate compared to other parts of Europe, but endless days of burning sunshine and the odd furious storm can be just as harsh on a property (if not more so) than even the worst northern European winters.  So your Spanish home will need a lot of tender love and care while you’re away to combat the worst the elements can throw at it.

Similarly, internal problems such as plumbing leaks, pest infestation or damp can occur to even the newest of properties without warning and the worry is that if your property is left empty for most of the year, such problems might go unnoticed for too long.

And let’s face it, the last thing you’ll want when you arrive for a relaxing break in your Spanish home is to find an unwelcome and perhaps costly surprise.

Then of course, there are a myriad of practical concerns to worry about.

In Spain, in order to receive electricity, water, phone, Internet and other utility services, you’ll need to set up a Spanish bank account to pay your bills. But what happens if for any reason your account runs low of funds and your bills go unpaid? Who’ll be there to explain things to the utility companies in Spanish and get your services re-instated?

Unoccupied properties are often singled out as ‘soft targets’ for burglars who’ve been known to clean out a holiday home’s entire contents in the blink of an eye. So who’ll find a local security firm to install an alarm system for you? Who’ll liaise with local police or insurance companies if you do get burgled?

Then of course there’s your role in your residential community. In your absence, who’ll attend community meetings and inform you of any important issues that have arisen or key decisions that have been taken, especially those that might involve extra financial outlay on your behalf?

And what happens if you’d like to invite friends or family to use your property, but feel a little embarrassed that it hasn’t been cleaned since the last time you were there six months ago?

And who’ll be there to meet that delivery of furniture you bought for your holiday home during your last visit?

Of course, friends and neighbours may offer to help out and keep an eye on your property while you’re away, or you may find some other local person who’s prepared to look after it for a fee. Unless anything goes wrong while the property is in their care, this type of arrangement can work. However, it’s Murphy’s Law that problems will occur, and they usually do at the least convenient time.

So the key question you have to ask yourself is this: if it comes to the crunch, who would best be able to care for my property and be equipped to handle any emergency, whatever it may be?

These days, finding a reliable property management company with a good reputation is not only a sensible move, it’s becoming more and more of a necessity. And our advice is to only deal with professionals.

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