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The Costa del Sol is known for being a year round sunny destination, however it doesn’t always escape the wet weather especially during the winter months!

A spot of rain will be welcomed by the locals who work hard to keep the land and crops nourished, but it’s the last thing holiday makers want!

If you own a property in Spain you will know how important it is to keep it maintained throughout the year, especially if you use your property for holiday rentals and is a source of income. The weather in January, February and March can still be very nice, but these months have also been known to have strong winds and sometimes heavy rain. Preparing for such weather can save you time and money in the future and keep your guests happy even if it’s pouring…

  • Drain and Guttering

Now is a great time of year to check the guttering on your property if you haven’t already, as after the autumn months the drains and guttering can become completely blocked with leaves and debris which can lead to flooding. If you don’t fancy cleaning the gutters yourself though, there are reliable tradesmen on the Costa del Sol who can do it for you.

  • Garden furniture and weather damage

If you don’t have anywhere to store garden furniture through windy/rainy weather, you can purchase waterproof covers when not in use which will help avoid weather damage and keep your furniture looking better for longer. Sometimes the winds can be strong and lightweight, metal garden chairs have been known to blow into around causing damage. Stacking the chairs and chaining them together under a waterproof cover could save considerable damage and corrosion.

  • Go the extra mile for your tenants

When a family arrives from the UK the last thing they expect is rain when they get here! Providing an umbrella and even disposable anoraks could really help your tenants out and would cost you next to nothing. Research places nearby suitable for indoor entertainment such as cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants, Ice-skating, sea-life centres, and bowling centres and include details in your welcome pack. These little extras will make your guests feel like you have their comfort as a priority, and they can make the most of their holiday in Spain whatever the weather.

You can visit our website for more information about property maintenance on the Costa del Sol.

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