Voting in the UK Elections from Spain

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If you are based permanently in Spain, but still have an interest in UK politics because you still own a property there or receive a state pension, then you are still able to have your say!

As the election moves ever closer, you need to get organised if you do want to vote from abroad. If you are registered to vote in the UK, but are living in Spain, you can apply for a postal vote. To do this, you need to get an application form, complete it and return it at least 11 days before the election so you can be sent a ballot paper just before the election itself. There are a few other options such as voting by proxy, so there’s no excuse to not get involved in the next election and have your say on who comes into power.

The fantastic AngloInfo website have done a great page all about voting from abroad with links through to the places to get your forms and request more information. Visit their vote in the UK election page for the details.

It would be great to hear whether expats living in Spain feel they should still vote, or if they feel that because they have left the country that this is no longer their right/obligation. Please let us have your thoughts in the comments box.

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