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It’s been a cold, wet and windy winter on the Costa del Sol and unfortunately many properties have been damaged by the weather with flooding and damp being the biggest culprits. Please let us know if you have any concerns about property maintenance Costa del Sol and we can inspect your property on your behalf and fix any problems which have occurred.

An unexpected bonus of the bad weather is that it has stopped the devastating impact of the red palm beetle which have been destroying many of the palm trees along the Costa del Sol. Over the last year  over 12,000 palm trees have been killed by these bugs in Marbella alone – 20% of privately owned palms and 10% of public trees. However, thanks to a combination of the bad weather and preventative treatment, the spread of the beetle has been slowed significantly.

Property owners with palm trees are being warned to be vigilant now that spring is here and the sun is shining again. Look out for signs of the bugs, as if they are spotted early enough trees can be saved. You will often see the beetles in the garden or pool, or notice that leaves are going brown and falling out. If you have any concerns, consult an expert as soon as possible.

As part of our Property Management service, our gardeners can come and tend your garden regularly to look out for signs of the beetles and keep your garden in optimum health and looking great for when you or your guests arrive. Visit our website to see our full range of property maintenance services Costa del Sol including garden and pool maintenance and protect yourself against the red beetle.

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