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Friday April 2nd marked the end of analogue TV in Spain and the arrival of digital with the final analogue blackout for 20 million homes in Spain.

From this point forward, anyone without a TV or set-top box which is able to receive digital will be without Spanish TV. Over 90% of homes in Spain have access to TDT or have taken steps to convert their TVs to receive the digital signal and so they went ahead with the switch as planned. Please note that Sky and other satellite receivers are unaffected by these changes.

The digital revolution brings numerous advantages. Aside from the improved picture and sound quality you also gain a load more channels, including some kid’s and news channels. The really great advantage is that you can change the soundtrack to the original language. That means that if for example you are watching CSI Miami in Spanish, which was originally recorded in English, you can change the language so that you are watching in English.

If you missed the change-over  we can help you enter the digital age with a simple set-top box. It costs 68€ plus IVA, and for Property Mangement clients we will install it for you completely free of charge on one of our inspections.

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