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Is it really all doom and gloom for the Costa del Sol holiday rentals market?

The newspapers are reporting doom and gloom in the Costa del Sol holiday rentals market. But is it really true? Not if our holiday rental bookings are anything to go by…

Hola again,

Well, it was interesting to read the recent article in the leading English language newspaper in Spain Sur in English entitled “Wanted: summer tenants”.

The article basically highlighted what many Costa del Sol holiday rental agents are reporting as a full-on crisis in the self-catering holiday rentals market on the Coast, with bookings apparently 50% down on last year.

Cayetano Rengel, President of the Málaga School of Property Agents was even quoted in the piece as saying “Last year was disappointing, and we expected this year to be the same, but it is even worse.”

Of course we’re in the midst of an unprecedented worldwide recession. The self-catering rentals market on the Coast is just like any other and is bound to feel some negative effects.

But contrary to the general downward trend in the holiday rental market that the article highlights, we’ve actually increased the number of nights booked in our accommodation by 67% compared to this time last year!

In fact, this year is our record year, and we’re proud to shout about it!

To be fair, the article did point out that the only market to escape the worst of the recession was the high-end luxury accommodation market, which is the market in which we tend to mainly operate.

But even so, we feel it’s perhaps a little too early in the season to be forecasting such doom and gloom. In fact, we refuse to recognise any doom and gloom at all!

If our own bookings are anything to go by, one thing is for sure; holidaymakers are taking their time, searching out real bargains (yes, even at the luxury end of the market!), and leaving it later than ever before to book their holiday accommodation.

That’s partly because in years gone by there was tremendous demand with little on offer, now it’s the other way round.

With little movement in the property sales market and plenty of owners willing to rent out their property to help cover the running costs, the choice of available holiday accommodation is greater than ever before, therefore rental prices have dropped accordingly.

The article also says, in general, that holidaymakers are also watching the pennies and taking shorter stays. But we’ve actually noticed people are staying for much longer!

Perhaps we’re just the exception to the rule? Or perhaps it’s because as a company we’ve “thought outside the box” and been more proactive than most in the marketing of our holiday rentals properties.

For example, the partnerships we’ve established with big names in the UK, Irish and Scandinavian travel industries have certainly helped drive more holiday rental bookings. Our holiday accommodation website has more visitors than ever before.

But then, is it any wonder? The Costa del Sol is still one of the top holiday destinations in the world, with incredible natural and cultural treasures and just about every lifestyle amenity you can imagine. It’s relatively cheap and easy to get to from most major European airports and the accommodation on offer is of a very high standard.

So, roll on the summer high season, we say. And we will continue to think positively!”

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