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The Importance of a good Property Management Service

We thought it would be a good idea to provide a low down on the importance of having a property management service in place when renting out your villa…

Many property owners can be confused by or unaware of the property management services which are available, which can result in negative or nervous feelings about renting your property.

It is important to find a good property management company as it allows home owners to forget about the hassles, allowing someone else to take the weight off your shoulders.

Some of the services which you can expect from our property managing service are:

  • Repairs service which can be accessed and booked online from our website or via email
  •  Property maintenance, providing trustworthy tradesmen to fix your problems
  •  Key holding service, allowing family and friends to visit hassle free
  •  Information guides for guests and tenants
  •  Full administration service, dealing with all the paperwork for you
  •  Monthly inspections, ensuring that your property remains as you left it

Having a service like this allows homeowners to take advantage of the holiday seasons, resulting in a hassle free process.

For more information on property management on the Costa del Sol, please visit our website or contact us on Telephone: (+34) 952 83 95 95 or email

Key Holding Services Costa del Sol

KeysIf you have decided to rent out your Spanish property to earn some extra income, you will want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible with your tenants at change over times and arrivals. Professional key holding is a very handy and affordable service that ensures your keys will be in safe hands at all times. When your tenants arrive, we can deliver the keys for you, and even turn the heating on and check everything is ok inside if you need. When your tenants leave we can collect the keys and keep them safe until you need them again. Continue reading “Key Holding Services Costa del Sol”

Is your Costa del Sol property management company trading legally?

These are increasingly tough econmic times here on Spain’s Costa del Sol, and unfortunately there are some unscrupulous organisations and individuals offering property management services that are trying any means possible to keep their heads above water (including, in some cases, those that aren’t operating strictly ‘by the book’). So, what should you do to protect yourself?

property managementNow, it may seem like an obvious thing to point out, but despite the amazing weather, there are unfortunately some unscrupulous organisations and individuals offering property and rentals management services that are trying any means possible to keep their heads above water (including, in some cases, those that aren’t operating strictly ‘by the book’).

On the face of it, organisations and individuals like this might seem to be offering great value for money by charging cheaper rates than the competition, but there’s normally a reason for that – they’re cutting corners somewhere.

That could mean either they’re not providing the level of services they claim they are, or they are operating ‘unofficially’ and avoiding the costs associated with being a legally trading company.

We cannot stress enough how essential it is that any company you use to care for your property on Spain’s Costa del Sol must be trading 100% legally within the Spanish law.

Unofficial outfits and ‘one-man bands’ can be instantly shut down by the local town hall or the tax authorities without warning at any given time.

More importantly, if you are using the services of such an organisation or individual, you may find yourself without a legal leg to stand on, or worse still, be legally liable should any serious problems occur that are related to your property.

So what should you do?

Well, if you’re unsure whether or not you’re at risk by using a property management service that you suspect might not be trading legally, ask to see evidence that they are a properly registered Spanish S.L. (Ltd.) company, with what’s called a C.I.F. registration number which means they will have the capacity to issue you with official invoices which include IVA (Spanish VAT).

Ask them to show you their license to trade in property management.

You should also ask to see evidence that the company has taken out comprehensive public liability insurance, as well as employer’s liability insurance to cover their staff while visiting your property.

You could find yourself facing a lawsuit for damages if any person employed by the management company to do cleaning or maintenance work in your property has an accident and is injured the process.

If the company cannot provide you with readily available evidence of all these pre-requisites, be very wary indeed!

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