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property managementWe’ve been offering property management services on the Costa del Sol for many years, so we’ve dealt with most problems and pride ourselves on being a trusted advisor and supporter for all our owners and their tenants.

Last month, we were able to come to the aid of one owner after she returned home to her apartment to hear someone inside. She called out and the intruder escaped through the window, thankfully they were disturbed before they were able to take anything. However in the confusion the owner locked herself out and we were able to let her back into the apartment thanks to the spare keys we keep at the office.

The owner then had to rush to the airport to catch a plane back to the UK and we were able to change the locks, turn off the lights she had left on for security and even take out the rubbish which she had forgotten in the rush. We have also reported the incident to the police on the owner’s behalf.

These kinds of situations are all in a day’s work for the HomeCare team, but a real help and reassurance for our tenants, whether they are here in Spain or abroad. Owners can check on jobs such as the locks being changed through our online property management system wherever they are for maximum accountability and excellent communication.

The Costa del Sol is generally safe, but of course break-ins do happen from time to time. To protect yourself there are a few simple steps we recommend for all owners –

1. Fit security gates and grills to the main doors and windows

2. Invest in an alarm with a company who will come out if it sounds, especially if you are not often in Spain, and make sure it’s obvious from the outside

3. Use light timers, especially during winter months

4. Make sure people regularly come to check the property and remove post, a sure sign that properties are not occupied and enough to deter burglars, especially if people visit at different times

5. Don’t be tempted to leave small windows open for ventilation, regularly opening the house up is safer and better

We can advise you on particular measures for your property and be your feet on the ground, checking the property and keeping it as safe as possible, so please get in touch to see how we can help with property management and maintenance.

Smoke Screen Security

Smoke ScreenNow that the summer rental period is over, thousands of properties will be left unoccupied during the winter months. Most people will leave their TV’s, DVD’s, cameras etc in the property and forget about them until next summer. Even if you live in your property year round, there is still a security risk. Living on the Costa del Sol we like to think theft doesn’t happen here but like everywhere else there are many burglaries in Spain every year. Unfortunately most of us wait until ourselves or someone we know has been burgled before we really protect ourselves. These days, burglars will bypass standard security systems by cutting the phone lines and even using gas to knock out anyone inside, including dogs. So how can we protect ourselves from intruders when we are home or away? A product that caught our eye recently is smoke screen technology. Continue reading “Smoke Screen Security”

Eco Friendly Security

SecuritySecurity in Spain can become an issue when your property is left alone for periods of time. Many properties are used for holiday homes and therefore not always occupied, so here are some ideas on ensuring maximum security during those times.

If your home is empty regularly, it may be a wise decision to invest in extra security if you haven’t already. Traditional methods such as electric or battery-powered lights, cameras and alarms are effective but not always reliable.

Solar powered security is a cost effective, and eco friendly way of ensuring your property is secure when no one is home, even through power cuts which are surprisingly common in Spain. Continue reading “Eco Friendly Security”

Spain’s crime rate lowest for a decade

Great news for homeowners in Spain, Interior Minister Alfredo Rubalcaba announced last month that crime statistics for 2009 showed a 2% drop from the previous year and is the lowest for a decade. He added that crime was no longer one of the top concerns for the general public and that Spain is considered one of the safest countries in Europe. Of course there is crime wherever you go in the world, but it’s great to see that the efforts to crack down on crime are paying off.

Empty properties are still an easy target for thieves, so make sure you have a good alarm system and guests leave windows and doors properly closed and locked. There are several good alarm suppliers and locksmiths that can advise you on security arrangements in English. Take a look at AngloInfo locksmiths for more information and contact details. 

It’s a good idea to have someone checking your property on a regular basis, this will ensure that any thieves see that the property is being visited and cared for and also in the case of a break-in you know someone will be able to call the authorities and secure the place.

As part of our property management services we make twice-monthly visits to the property to check that the property is in good condition, outside and in. This is a great way to ensure your property is safe and there are no maintenance issues when you or your guests arrive for a visit. We thoroughly air all rooms (subject to external weather conditions), check for pests and vermin and recommend action, test all appliances and electrical equipment to make sure all are in good working order, examine all furniture and furnishings for wear and tear, check all sanitary equipment and plumbing and make sure all your security services and equipment are fully functional. This of course also gives any thieves in the area the impression that the property is well looked-after therefore is less of an easy target!

Visit our website to find out more about our Costa del Sol property management services or email for more information.

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