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Marbella on a mission to improve integration and boost tourism

On 4th December Jose Luis Hernandez, Councillor for Tourism at Marbella Town Hall spoke at the ‘Women in Business’ Meeting about his plans for the city and what his administration are doing to make 2010 an exceptional year for the city.

Any homeowner in Marbella and the surrounding areas will be keen to know how the Town Hall are planning to improve the delivery of public services in the district. In addition, if you happen to be a non-resident homeowner who uses your property as a holiday home and are trying to attract holiday rentals for extra income, the Town Hall’s plans to tempt more tourists to the Coast will also be of interest, especially in the face of the economic crisis and increasing competition from other destinations.

 One of the key things that Jose Luis stressed was that in order to improve the services for all the local inhabitants, the international residents who live here for more than six months per year must register. Currently the Town Hall’s incoming budgets are based on 136,000 inhabitants, but in any year they have around 220,000 consuming public services. This big gap in the figures is causing a problem in being able to ensure the services provided are sufficient.

Registering (called Empadronamiento in Spanish) is easy and there are no tax liabilities. All it takes is a trip to the Town Hall with your documents. By simply doing so, you will enable much needed funds to come into the area. If you want to know how to do it, visit Marbella Town Hall’s website

To make Marbella a better place in which to live, do business or spend a holiday, the Town Hall are encouraging the international residents to integrate by offering free Spanish courses and creating opportunities for different nationalities, adults and children alike, to meet up. Please contact your local Foreigner’s Office for more information on these opportunities.

Furthermore, to improve tourism, Marbella Town Hall are concentrating their promotional efforts on a series of high-profile events, encouraging international companies to hold their launch events here, and the Town Hall will be setting up a Tourism Consortium to allow public and private sectors to work together to promote this great city.

One aspect of this promotion involves the launch of a viral marketing campaign to tell people why Marbella is a great place to live and work. To do this they are working with local businesses like to help us all promote Marbella to the world. The Town Hall is distributing articles about the area to the International Press; and in addition we are continuing our email marketing and advertising efforts to boost the profile of the company and the area.

If you want to bring more people to Marbella we all need to do our bit! By promoting your property online, to friends, family, community groups and local media you can increase rentals and bring people to the area. We can provide you with articles about the area if you have links with any local press or travel websites and together we can make 2010 a fantastic year for the Coast.

This information is brought to you free from property management Spain to support the great work of the Marbella Town Hall

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