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New legislations to control holidaymakers’ behaviour


New legislations to control holidaymakers’ behaviour

Marbella Town Hall is reacting to issues with rowdy and badly behaved tourists by fining people from June this year. If you are renting out a property in the Marbella municipality, it is important that you understand the new rules so you can help your tenants comply.

These have been mainly designed with hen and stag parties in mind, but it can also impact the unsuspecting holiday maker who wants to enjoy the sunshine by having their shirts off in the street for example, so it’s best to be informed.

Here are the key behaviours that can be punished with a fine of up to 750€ –

  • Walking around the streets in swimwear or without shirts on – swimwear is for the beach and pool only, not for the towns
  • Wearing clothes or carrying objects of a sexual nature
  • Acting in an anti-social manner and drinking on the streets
  • Littering and flyering

Quite how this will be enforced remains to be seen and anyone who is doing this will first be warned so they can respond. However, it is important to be aware that police will be more vigilant on anything that they consider to be anti-social behaviour and that fines can be up to 750€.

We don’t expect this to impact on the majority of people coming on holiday to Marbella, as most tourists are well behaved and respectful. However, if you do cater to hen and stag parties in your holiday rental property, we’d recommend warning your guests in advance, so they know how to behave.

As these laws are passed and start to be implemented, we will keep you updated so that you can inform any tenants. Hopefully the new laws will reduce bad behaviour and make this a more attractive holiday destination for all.

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New developments in San Pedro de Alcantara

sanpedroProperty owners in San Pedro are being rewarded for their patience during the lengthy works on the underpass with a raft of new and improved facilities.

There is now a beautiful public park, a new park just for dogs and much less traffic going through the centre. But it doesn’t end there, the council has just announced something more to look forward to, which is a new bus station covering 120 square meters with parking around the old 340 bypass road. This is due to be open for next summer and will make bus travel even more convenient.

Over the tunnel itself they are developing a new 54,000m2 recreational area which will include gardens, sports pitches, an auditorium and a seven-meter-high walkway so you can see the sea! They are even putting out a tender for an artificial ice rink to allow for sports such as ice hockey and figure skating to be enjoyed for the first time in the area. After a raft of issues, work is moving forward at pace and they expect it to be finished by the end of the summer.

These new developments are sure to make San Pedro a more desirable location for holidays and for foreign residents to live, so homeowners have really good opportunities for making money via short term or long term rentals. If you want to explore the idea of renting out your property please speak to our experienced team of professionals. We can take the stress out of renting a property with our comprehensive property management packages.

Promoting Marbella at FITUR

marbella_fiturLast month, a strong delegation from Marbella Town Hall went to the International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid to promote the Marbella brand and create new channels for visitors. Marbella’s promotion involved being part of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board stand, a press conference to announce this year’s big events and meeting with companies and politicians to sign important collaborations. They focussed on the emerging markets of Russia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, China and Morocco as well as building on the success of traditional markets in Northern Europe and the UK.

In addition to official fairs such as this, Marbella is being promoted for a range of activities out of the peak summer season. One of the highlights of a trip to this area is the gastronomy and positioning it as a gastronomic destination is an interesting opportunity for home owners looking to rent out their properties, as well as businesses and restaurants. Marbella Chef Dani Garcia is doing his bit to promote the city by bringing together some of the world’s finest chefs (with a total of 14 stars between them) to cook at the Puente Romano and offer special tasting menus for lucky guests this month.

These promotional efforts will hopefully build on a strong 2013 which saw a 6% increase in tourist numbers and bring even more tourists to enjoy their holidays on the Costa del Sol. Holiday rental villas are particularly in demand and the rental income can be highly attractive, especially in the peak periods. We can help you to maximise rental income and minimise the stress by managing your property for you and handling all aspects of the rental, so you can simply enjoy the revenue! Contact us for a Costa del Sol property management quote.

Iberia Airline Strikes

The end of February saw the first set of strikes by workers at Iberia airline and another lot is planned for next week starting on the 4th March – 6th March. The strikes are taking place in order to prevent wage cuts and over 3,800 job losses, resulting in over 30 flights being cancelled at Malaga Airport. You can see a list of flights which will have been cancelled on the Iberia website. Passengers who are affected will be offered an alternative flight or a refund of their tickets.

If your flight has been affected but you still need to get to Spain, it may be worth checking price comparison sites such as travel supermarket or to get the best deal on last minute flights with another airline, or you could drive to the Costa del Sol! It’s a beautiful drive with plenty to see along the way. You can read our previous blog about things to remember when driving to Spain.

Luckily, HomeCareontheWeb never goes on strike and can take care of many things on your behalf, so don’t worry if you can’t get here, just give us a call on 952 839 595.

Study reveals Costa del Sol is still a desirable location

Some good news for home owners and local businesses in the Malaga province as the results from a study about 2012 beach bar takings in the area came back as satisfactory.

The study shows that despite the economic crisis, the Costa del Sol is still a very desirable place to holiday and that beach food services and tourism in general is not in crisis. In fact, custom from foreign clients has noticeably increased which is great news for home owners who wish use their properties for holiday rentals this year.

Southern Spain has so much to offer with the superb weather and a wide range of things to do for people of all tastes and ages, it’s no wonder the area remains popular. The excellent selection of golf courses, beaches and activities keep even the most active families on their toes. For those who enjoy the quieter life, there are plenty of unspoilt places to relax and unwind and lots of gastronomical gems waiting to be found, hidden away from the hustle and bustle.

Families, and couples from all over the world will be coming to the Costa del Sol for their holidays this year including many from the Nordic community who are said to be some of the highest spending tourists. Russian tourists also love the area and usually prefer to stay in holiday homes on the Costa del Sol, so again this is good opportunity for home owners looking to make extra income from their properties in 2013.

How can you advertise your property to appeal to foreign markets?

HomeCareontheWeb have partnered up with Europe’s leading holiday home company, Novasol, who can advertise your property for you and promote it on up to 11 different websites, all in their own languages. Registering your property with Novasol is free, for more information email us or call 952 839 595.

Great News for the Costa del Sol

Malaga airport has reported that 1.5 million passengers passed through the airport in July, a 0.3% rise compared to the same time last year, with most of these coming  from the UK, France and Germany.

This is a very positive sign considering the number of flights to Malaga has dropped by 4.5% this year, showing that the Costa del Sol is still a number one holiday destination, despite the current financial crisis.

The Spanish Ministry for Industry, Energy and Tourism reported that in June there was an increase of 4.7% in the number of tourists compared to June last year. It was also reported that the average spend per traveller has increased by 3.8%, In Andalucia there was a 5.5% increase in average spend per traveller.

The American market is reported to be the market which is contributing the most to the growth in spends after discovering the area thanks to Michelle Obama’s visit.

Local newspapers have reported a great August which has seen a number of top hotels being fully booked throughout the month. A number of these high end hotels are favoured by people to whom money is no object, creating a positive effect on the luxury market in Marbella.

However it is not just the super rich who are flocking to the Costa del Sol, the busy streets, traffic jams and endless queues to get parked shows that tourists are here in their numbers.

Take a walk down the Paseo and it’s a battle to pass through the crowds without bumping into someone, stroll through the Old Town and you can barely get in the door of the little boutique shops.

This can only be a positive thing for businesses and homeowners alike on the Costa del Sol, more visitors’ means more spending and with hotels turning down bookings; this is great news for people owners renting their property on the Costa del Sol.

For more information about property management on the Costa del Sol, please visit our website or contact us on telephone: (+34) 952 83 95 95 or email

A Rise in Tourism Numbers for Marbella

Great news for Marbella as tourism numbers have markedly risen since The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) Marbella special aired last month.

Love it or hate it, the reality show has publicised a side to Marbella which has left tourists lusting after a holiday to the area.  It has been reported that there has been a significant increase in the number of Stag and Hen party bookings to the area, after the episode aired.

The reality stars were seen having fun at a Champagne spray party, on the beach, cruising in luxurious yachts and relaxing in lavish villas.

The show put a new light on things, showing the group of reality stars opting to stay in villas rather than fancy hotels.  Although the TOWIE group were in Marbella to have a good time, the episode showed that groups of young singles can be well behaved and respectful towards rental properties.

Social media sites Facebook and Twitter saw a flood of messages complimenting Marbella, with many commenting that it was a must see holiday destination during and after the show was aired.

This is good news for the rental market on the Costa del Sol and there has already been an increase in the number of people enquiring about holiday rentals on the Costa del Sol. Large groups are a great market to think about if you are a home owner looking to let a property and providing your home has a good property management system in place, there is no reason to exclude these types of parties, which can only result in a boost in rental profit at a time when the economy is relying on such tourism.

For more information on Costa del Sol property management, please visit our website or contact us on (+34) 952 83 95 95 or email

Good news for Marbella and the Costa del Sol

Following a difficult few years for Spain, there are some positive signs at last that things are on the up.

Statistics showed that April saw nearly a 17% rise in property sales compared to last year and tourists have started to arrive from all over Europe for the summer season, breathing new life and injecting money into the area. Last week, the new owner of Malaga Football Club announced ‘an important investment’ in Marbella in a project related to tourism and services, which will be an excellent boost for the area. Read more 

To boost tourism and help visitors to the Costa del Sol, Marbella Town Hall has launched a new website This new site supplements the Town Hall’s own website and acts as a guide to the area, where to go, what to do and really portrays the area in a positive light. The hope is to attract holiday makers unsure of where to go and counteract the area’s reputation by using fabulous photography and features to show what makes this part of Spain so popular.

With the opening of the area’s beach clubs, the British and Spanish celebrities have been coming here to relax and enjoy the sun, bringing with them the world’s media and seeing Marbella’s beaches plastered all over the celebrity pages of the press. The area is also gearing up for summer with a programme of excellent events which will increase the profile of the region including the Marbella Jazz Festival and a number of high-profile concerts including Faithless and Seal at the Marbella Bullring.  This is all excellent news for those owning a property on the Costa del Sol and looking for rental income.

HomeCareontheWeb is taking some important steps too in order to help homeowners in the area. Continue reading “Good news for Marbella and the Costa del Sol”

Marbella sees increase in tourism in the first quarter

With thanks to Marbella Town Hall for the photo, copyright ‘Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Marbella’

Positive signs for Marbella were announced by the councillor for tourism at the end of April, which should please property owners looking to rent their property as well as businesses relying on tourist income.

The data revealed a 16 percent increase in tourist numbers recorded in the first quarter of this year (March 2010) compared to the same period of last year. These increases are not shown by the rest of the Costa del Sol at this point, but can be taken as a sign of returning confidence and a good sign for the important summer period.

Expressing satisfaction with the growth rate, the municipal delegate also emphasized on the possibility of growth in the housing sector. ‘The stats are optimistic in this season and in addition to good data recorded in the Holy Week, with an occupancy rate of 81% and a rise in the net sale and purchase of housing, it’s a positive sign for the real estate market,’ Jose added. To read the full article visit the Marbella Guide

If you want to take advantage of the increased tourist numbers by renting out your Costa del Sol property, we can help. We have partnered with Europe’s number one holiday home company Novasol and are actively looking for properties to rent in Spain. Visit our Spain rentals management page on our website to find out more about Novasol, or contact us today if you want to rent out your property this summer.

Telephone: (+34) 952 83 95 95 

Marbella on a mission to improve integration and boost tourism

On 4th December Jose Luis Hernandez, Councillor for Tourism at Marbella Town Hall spoke at the ‘Women in Business’ Meeting about his plans for the city and what his administration are doing to make 2010 an exceptional year for the city.

Any homeowner in Marbella and the surrounding areas will be keen to know how the Town Hall are planning to improve the delivery of public services in the district. In addition, if you happen to be a non-resident homeowner who uses your property as a holiday home and are trying to attract holiday rentals for extra income, the Town Hall’s plans to tempt more tourists to the Coast will also be of interest, especially in the face of the economic crisis and increasing competition from other destinations.

 One of the key things that Jose Luis stressed was that in order to improve the services for all the local inhabitants, the international residents who live here for more than six months per year must register. Currently the Town Hall’s incoming budgets are based on 136,000 inhabitants, but in any year they have around 220,000 consuming public services. This big gap in the figures is causing a problem in being able to ensure the services provided are sufficient.

Registering (called Empadronamiento in Spanish) is easy and there are no tax liabilities. All it takes is a trip to the Town Hall with your documents. By simply doing so, you will enable much needed funds to come into the area. If you want to know how to do it, visit Marbella Town Hall’s website

To make Marbella a better place in which to live, do business or spend a holiday, the Town Hall are encouraging the international residents to integrate by offering free Spanish courses and creating opportunities for different nationalities, adults and children alike, to meet up. Please contact your local Foreigner’s Office for more information on these opportunities.

Furthermore, to improve tourism, Marbella Town Hall are concentrating their promotional efforts on a series of high-profile events, encouraging international companies to hold their launch events here, and the Town Hall will be setting up a Tourism Consortium to allow public and private sectors to work together to promote this great city.

One aspect of this promotion involves the launch of a viral marketing campaign to tell people why Marbella is a great place to live and work. To do this they are working with local businesses like to help us all promote Marbella to the world. The Town Hall is distributing articles about the area to the International Press; and in addition we are continuing our email marketing and advertising efforts to boost the profile of the company and the area.

If you want to bring more people to Marbella we all need to do our bit! By promoting your property online, to friends, family, community groups and local media you can increase rentals and bring people to the area. We can provide you with articles about the area if you have links with any local press or travel websites and together we can make 2010 a fantastic year for the Coast.

This information is brought to you free from property management Spain to support the great work of the Marbella Town Hall

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