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Happy Holidays!

On behalf of all of our team, we wish you a very Happy Holidays, and health and happiness in 2018! We hope you have a wonderful time, wherever you are spending the holidays, and that you can be with friends, family and loved ones.

At this special time of year we always like to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves, so we’re helping the homeless on the Costa del Sol. We collaborate with a local homeless charity and contribute savoury and sweet pies to their Christmas meal and presents so that everyone can get a little something this year. All our generous staff are making donations to this cause, and the company is doubling what they raise so we can help as many people as possible.

At the office, we are collecting warm coats, blankets, scarves and rucksacks, to give to the homeless. So if you have anything in the house which you don’t use anymore, please drop them in to the office and we’ll make sure they get to people in need. Where to find us

Christmas Opening Times

It has been a very busy year for our property management and property rentals team and we continue our hard work throughout the festive season. We will be closed on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th of December and the 1st of January, but open as normal throughout the rest of the holidays.

Please let us know if we can help you with property management or renting out your property in 2018, or browse our great holiday rental properties and start planning your next holiday. We look forward to hearing from you!

Are you and your property ready for the winter?

Are you and your property ready for the winter?

The summer is over and although we are getting more off peak bookings this year than before, from October onwards the holiday rental market quietens right down and your property may be empty. If you will be locking up your property for the winter, make sure it is secure and ready for colder, wetter weather. If not, then you need to think how you can keep it full for the winter months, as well as during the summer.

This time of year is the perfect time for planning and preparations and here are three important questions you should ask yourself to make sure you’re ready for the winter season.

  1. Do I want to let my property sit empty?

This is obviously an important consideration, as an empty property isn’t generating any income, and can become damp. If the answer is no, then you have two viable options, one is to decide to come and use it more yourself over the winter months, or invite friends and family to use it for an off-peak holiday and the other is to look for a long-term rental. Demand is growing for long-term rental properties and supply is low, so this is an excellent option to generate income steadily throughout the year and never have your property empty. Of course you don’t earn as much per week with long-term rentals, but it is low stress, secure and over the year you could earn more because you don’t have months where you’re not earning. Here are five reasons to rent long term

  1. Could I get off-peak holiday rentals?

Not all properties are suitable for off-peak rentals, but if you have a cozy property with an open fire (or good heating) and a location which appeals to the winter tourists, then there is potential. For example, if you are on a golf course, then golfers are an excellent off peak target, or if you are close to some lovely hiking or mountain biking routes then this can also be a good draw. Talk to your property management company about how you can make your property appeal to these off-peak bookings and realistically how many rentals over the autumn and winter you can expect, so you can make a decision. We’ve put together some tips on attracting more off-peak bookings on our blog to help you prepare.

  1. Can I maintain my property over the winter or do I need some help?

Even though our winters here on the Costa del Sol are mild, they do take their toll on properties, as most were built for the summer and not for the colder months of the year. The properties were made to keep the heat out and this means they get very cold and often damp if they are not properly ventilated and heated. High winds and rain can also be a problem, causing damage and letting the water in and although this is no big deal if dealt with quickly it can cause big problems if you leave it for months. If you aren’t in Spain over the winter, we recommend having someone on the ground who can check your property regularly, air and heat it and keep any problems at bay. We’ve also put together 10 tips for maintaining your property in the winter to help you get prepared.

We are here to help with professional property management and maintenance services to support home owners whether the property is sat empty, or has rentals. If you want to rent out your property our long-term rental department can guide you through the process and make it easy for you, and our holiday rental team will work to get you as many bookings as possible throughout the year. Browse our website to find out what we can do, or request a quote.

Winter care tips for your Costa del Sol property


November was incredibly wet, with over a week of pouring rain – how did your property stand up to the test? If you haven’t been able to check it yet please don’t delay, sadly lots of Costa del Sol properties are not built to stand such a deluge and leaks are common. If they are dealt with quickly and the house is dried out they are not a big problem, but leave them until next summer and you will have a major damp problem and an expensive issue to sort out before you can rent it again.

We have been visiting all the properties that we manage over this wet period to check that everything is OK and it’s made us realise that many owners really don’t consider their properties over the winter months, so we wanted to give you some advice on how to make sure that you come through the winter unscathed.

  1. Don’t stick your head in the sand – Have someone on the ground to check your property every month, air the place and put on the heating if necessary to keep the damp at bay and to deal with any issues that might have arisen. This is key to avoiding expensive issues later on.
  2. Regularly inspect the outside of your property for any potential issues – Think about any tall trees which could lose branches in a storm, check guttering is clear and that pipes are insulated and there are no leaks. Also check blinds and sun covers for rips and take down summer umbrellas and awnings to avoid damage.
  3. Turn off your mains water – If you aren’t in the property make sure the mains water is turned off, as you can’t always spot a leak and it will cost you a fortune on your water bill, not to mention potentially flood the house.

We hope this has been helpful, here are some more winter property care tips for you to support you in keeping your property in top condition. Remember that winter on the Costa del Sol is usually lovely, but it is definitely better to be safe than sorry in these cases.

If you’re not here, but want to ensure your property is in good condition, we can help. With more than a decade of property management experience and a big team of management and maintenance professionals you know that your property is in excellent hands when you choose HomeCareontheWeb. We also have an excellent online system where you can see reports and any maintenance issues at home when it suits you with just a few clicks of your mouse, so you are always up to date. Please get in touch if you need some Costa del Sol property management support and we’d be delighted to help.

Tips for maintaining your Costa del Sol property in the winter

maintaining your Costa del Sol property in the winterIf you’re lucky enough to own a Costa del Sol property, you probably think about it and visit it during the summer months, either because you’re renting it out for holiday rentals, or because you and your family are using it yourselves. However, ensuring your property remains in good condition over the winter is key to reducing the occurrence of problems and expensive maintenance issues.

Most Costa del Sol properties as designed and built for the glorious summer weather which we enjoy so often, with large windows, lush tropical gardens, large terraces equipped with furniture and large expanses of luxurious, cooling marble. These properties are amazing in the summer months, but can be problematic in the winter, getting very cold and damp and sometimes flooding.

The hot sun is tough on properties and so when the rains come, the water has a tendency to find its way in if the sun has weakened terrace joints or roofs. This is also the time when many properties sit empty, so if a small leak does occur it is not discovered for months, or until there’s a major problem and by then it’s a really costly problem to solve.

Here are some tips for ensuring your property stands up to the winter season –

  1. At the end of the summer season inspect your property carefully for any cracks or degradation of tiles or seals and get them fixed there and then
  2. Check gutters and drains for any leaves or anything which could block them and cause issues when the rains come
  3. Cover your pool if you can to keep it in good condition
  4. Check that your garden has adequate drainage which takes water away from the house and consider an automatic irrigation system for the dry winter days to make sure the garden is in great condition for next season
  5. Move all outdoor furniture inside and make sure it is clean and dry when you bring it in
  6. Clean your property thoroughly before closing it for any length of time, leaving fridges and freezers defrosted and with their doors open
  7. Have someone come and check the property at least once a month to identify any maintenance issues and air the property
  8. Consider heating the property sporadically to combat any damp
  9. Consider using the winter season for improvements such as a new coat of paint or improving tired bathrooms or replacing broken tiles etc. and ask builders to air the property and heat it when they are there to make sure it isn’t getting damp
  10. Check the property at least a month before any rental bookings to enable you to fix any issues, warm up the property and get rid of any damp smells

We offer comprehensive property management packages, where we come and check and air properties on the Costa del Sol on a regular basis and use our team of property maintenance experts to solve any issues quickly and efficiently. With over 10 years of experience and a great team behind us, you can trust HomeCareontheWeb to keep your property in tip top conditions for you or tenants next year.

Keeping your property cool for summer rentals

Keep CoolJuly has been incredibly hot, with no less than 3 heat waves taking the temperatures into the mid to high 30s for weeks on end and over 40°C several times. This has led to huge demand for air-conditioning and fans, with stocks selling out faster than the retailers could replenish. Holiday makers and residents alike have been really suffering, particularly at night, and we have had many pleas from guests for anything that could drop the temperature for them.

If you are coming to visit Spain in August, it is a good idea to come and visit your property and see how it fares in the hotter months. If you’re not there or the property has been rented, but you’re concerned it will be too hot please let us know, we can check in with the guests and purchase a fan or rent/purchase a portable air conditioning unit to make their stay more comfortable. It can really ruin someone’s holiday if they can’t sleep because it’s too hot, and they are concerned about their children.

Properties with air-conditioning always rent better than those without, so it’s a good investment to consider during the winter months, where the demand for units goes down and prices often fall. If you’re concerned about the cost of running air conditioning units, then ceiling fans can be a good alternative in the bedrooms, as it really helps with the heat and the mosquitos and if your property generally stays quite cool this can be all you need. Also, investing in a few portable fans and a paddling pool for the kids to cool down (if you don’t have a private pool) can all be nice touches.

To help tenants during their stay it’s a good idea to include in advice to your tenants how to keep the property cool, such as keeping shutters down in the day to minimise the amount of heat coming into the property, opening windows and doors across the property to create a draft etc. You can also advise them about the best use of the air conditioning e.g. to put it on an hour before you go to bed in order to bring the bedrooms to a comfortable temperature and then using a fan to keep the air moving during the night, as it can get too cold overnight with the air conditioning on, and of course it will increase energy use.

We can help you to improve your property for rentals with our customer service team getting feedback from guests and our maintenance team able to do air-conditioning installations and source fans or portable equipment to hire. Please contact us for information about property management and maintenance on the Costa del Sol.

Make your New Year’s resolution to improve your property

couch-447484_640It’s the New Year, so let’s get ready for a great 2015 full of holiday rentals!

As we mentioned in last month’s post on painting your property that’s a great way to refresh your property. As well as the paint work, there are a number of things to look at to make sure everything is ready for next season –

  • Rugs, curtains and upholstery – Check these are clean and in good condition and replace if necessary
  • Linen and towels – Check these are still in good condition, bleach white sheets and towels to bring them back to their original white and make sure they are not threadbare, replace if so. This makes a really bad impression on renters.
  • Outdoor furniture – Check to see how this has fared over the summer and winter season they can become faded and paint can chip and look tatty. They can benefit from oiling, staining or repainting and we would recommend replacing cushions and upholstery or cleaning
  • Inventory – Check your kitchen supplies, glasses, plates etc and make sure that they are in good condition and that you can replace things which are broken so you have enough of everything for the people you can cater to

We can review everything for you during a property inspection and inform you what we’d recommend you replace or add. Please just ask for advice, information or a property management quote.

Guests already starting to book for 2015

headercontentWe are pleased to announce that we’re already receiving bookings for the 2015 season and are expecting another great year for holiday rentals and excellent earnings for owners of homes on the Costa del Sol. Therefore we’re recommending that property owners considering renting for next year, please contact us as soon as possible so we can ensure that your property gets as much exposure and as many bookings as possible.

HomeCareontheWeb has been managing properties on the Costa del Sol for 11 years and we manage more than 500 properties. We have a sister company HolidayRentalontheWeb which is dedicated to offering quality short term rentals to holiday makers and a long term rentals arm, HomeRentalontheWeb. All three companies work in perfect harmony together to maximise rentals for our owners and remove the stress from them, whilst ensuring the tourists and tenants have the best possible experience. In 2014 we have taken care of more than 150 long-term tenants , more than 8,000 holiday guests, carried out more than 3,500 cleans and serviced more than 3,000 maintenance requests. We have the team and the processes in place to allow us to do this with ease and cause minimum disruption to owners and tenants, so you can be sure your property is in good hands.

We handle all advertising, bookings, paperwork, deposits and of course the guests. In addition to our short and long term rental arms, we are also partnered with Europe’s Number One self-catering company Novalsol. This powerful partnership means that your property will be advertised on web sites in 12 different languages, as well as being featured in catalogues and brochures distributed through travel agent networks. Once you have a booking, your rental income is transferred directly to your bank account and if a booking comes through Novasol then it is paid in advance.

We have just produced a guide to our Costa del Sol property management services which you can download from our website and you can learn about our property rental management services and partnership with Novasol online too.

Please don’t leave it too late to get rentals for 2015 – contact us today!

We Have Moved Office!

Due to our business expanding, and also to be in a more prominent position for our thousands of guests arriving each year, we have have moved our Head Office from Elviria to spacious new offices in La Cala.





To help you find us more easily here are our address details and GPS coordinates, together with some photos of our new office. Note our Estepona office remains unchanged along with all are phone and fax numbers.


Edificio Comercial Urbanoria, 1

Avenida del Golf

LA CALA (Mijas Costa)

Malaga,  29649

GPS Co-ordinates

Longitude 36.5059, Latitude -4.68232

We all look forward to welcoming you to our new office.





Kind Regards

Your HomeCareontheWeb team

Floods in the Malaga Province

Following the torrential rain in the Malaga province last week, many home owners who may only visit their properties during the summer, are wondering whether their holiday homes have been affected by any flooding, leaks or water damage.

If you are not able to visit the property to check everything over yourself, it’s essential to have someone reliable and trustworthy who can inspect everything for you and report any findings. A leak going undiscovered for weeks or months could potentially cost you hundreds of Euros, especially if any of the electrics have been damaged.

One of the benefits about having a good property maintenance company is that they can worry about all of this for you. Visiting your property in the first instance to check for any leaks, floods and water damage so they can be repaired quickly through reliable tradesmen.

With more heavy rain expected over the coming weeks, it’s a good idea to make sure your drains are not blocked up with leaves and double check that everything is water tight. HomeCareontheWeb can give your property a thorough check, do any necessary cleaning up or maintenance work and provide you with a report if needed.

We will contact any owner direct if we discover your property has been affected by the floods.

If you need property maintenance on the Costa del Sol, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 952 839 595 or visit our website for more details.

HomeCareontheWeb Partners With Top Property Company VIVA

Finding a property management company on the Costa del Sol you can trust to look after your home as if it were their own can be a challenge, especially if you are not in the county all the time or you use your property for rental income. You need to know everything is taken care of from start to finish and that your property is being well looked after.

With recent events such as the catastrophic fires and floods on the Costa del Sol it’s all the more important to have the right property management company taking care of everything so you can be rest assured its all in good hands if you’re not there.

HomeCareontheWeb has serviced more than 3000 maintenance requests already this year and looked after more than 6000 holiday guests for hundreds of happy home owners. This is just some of the reasons why top property company VIVA has recently made HomeCareontheWeb a recommended partner!

Since partnering up, HomeCareontheWeb are offering a one month free property management package when you buy your property through VIVA!

For more information on property management, rentals or buying property on the Costa del Sol, give us a call on 952 83 95 95 or visit our website.

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