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Making the most of your Spanish garden

GardeningIf you are lucky enough to have a garden with your property in Spain, you will know how much care it needs especially during those summer months. Beautiful plants and flowers are an asset to anyone’s property but sometimes tricky to maintain, especially if you are not there all of the time. Even window and pot plants add a nice extra touch to your property but will dry out very quickly with the hot Spanish weather.

A well maintained garden or pot plants will also give you an advantage when showing potential tenants round. However, if you are not at your property all of the time, it can be hard to keep everything looking trim and watered and unless you have a neighbour who can pop in when your away. If your property is being rented out, there are services such as HomeCareOnTheWeb who can offer a reliable garden maintenance service so you know your plants and flowers are being well looked after by a professional. If a watering system is set up correctly, and the plants are prepared properly, this is a cost effective way of maintaining your Spanish garden.

In some urbanizations in Spain, garden maintenance is included in the community fees, so it may be worth checking out exactly what is included if you pay the fees. Some will mow the grass and cut the bushes etc back for you so no need to do it yourself, or hire anyone.

Here are a few tips for a more resistant, gorgeous garden.

  • Irrigation systems – Takes your mind off watering the flower beds, only needs to be checked its working correctly every few weeks.
  • Choose plants and trees that are drought tolerant – Usually this type of plants and trees are more durable anyway. Palm and cypress trees are good, as is the olive tree. Carnations are pretty, and durable, and are also Spain’s national flower. Bougainvillea also provide stunning colours of red pink gold and orange when in bloom, and use little water once established.
  • Chip wood or white stone instead of a lawn can look good as well as saving the risk of it being damaged or dried. Alternatively having the sprinkler on for 1 hour each evening will keep the grass fresh and green.
  • Keep your pot plants in a place where they have shade throughout the day as well as sun, and make sure the soil is prepared thoroughly to retain more water and nutrients.
  • Get advice from your local garden centre or nursery about what plants and flowers grow well in your area, and the best ways to maintain them. Different plants are better for different areas in Spain.

The growing season in southern Spain lasts all year, so it’s definitely worth  having your trees, plants and flowers looked after by a professional especially if your property is used for holiday rentals. You can expect to make more money from a property with an appealing garden.

HomeCareOnTheWeb can look after all your gardening needs with their reliable, professional team. Your garden is an investment, and just knowing you have someone to check and water everything while you are away will give you piece of mind. Whether you need just a check-up or a complete overhaul, HomeCareOnTheWeb can provide the reliable workmen you need.

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