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Electricity bill increase January 1st

As many of us saw from this week’s Sur in English, from January 1st, millions of households across Spain will see an increase in their electricity bills. The new increase is due to a 6.9% hike in the price of power bought by suppliers. Consumers will feel the effects with a 3% rise in energy costs.

This increase of 3% will be charged to those on the domestic tariff known as TUR, with contracted power below 10 kilowatts. However the Ministry of Industry also plan to issue a surcharge of up to 8% to those contracted to 3 kilowatts of power or more, if they exceed average consumption by over 10%. According to calculations made by OCU consumers organisation, this could mean an additional charge of around 3% onto the average household electricity bill, meaning the total increase could reach around 6% on every bill.

There are number of things you can do to reduce your electric consumption and save money on bills such as;

  • Use energy efficient light bulbs and solar lights for the garden
  • Use a halogen cooker instead of fan oven
  • Turn all appliances off at mains when not in use, rather than leave on standby
  • Use a fire if you have one rather than radiators if possible
  • Only use the tumble dryer where necessary, use a clothes horse for drying instead
  • Use an energy monitor to show you how different appliances affect your consumption and to show where you could make savings
  • Fill up the dishwasher before using so you do fewer washes
  • Load your washing machine to the full so you do fewer washes

Some of these tips can also work well if you use your property for holiday rentals and want to keep the electric consumption to a minimum. Some households are even investing in solar energy devices to minimise power costs and reduce energy consumption. This can save hundreds on electricity bills each year and has a positive effect on the environment, so is well worth looking into as costs continue to rise.

As part of our property management services on the Costa del Sol we can deal with all the utility companies and even receive any correspondence from them on your behalf so you know that even if you are away from your Spanish property, everything is being dealt with as it should be. Contact us to find out more about this service.


Electricity Bill Scam Warning

As a home owner in Spain you know how important it is to keep an eye on the costs of running your property, especially if you also use it to earn extra income.  When paying your bills by direct debit it’s especially important to check that they are being paid on time and at the correct amount to avoid any complications. By doing this you are also much less likely to become a victim of the latest utility bill scam.

Many home owners on the Costa del Sol have been receiving phone calls from a company pretending to be Endesa claiming that they have outstanding amounts on the account and that it must be paid immediately to avoid being cut off. For anyone who hasn’t checked their direct debit payments recently, they may assume they must owe this money and pay it as requested so they do not have their electric meter removed.

Remember, a legitimate chase for outstanding payment would come via recorded letter. If in doubt, always ring the energy provider back using the number on your bill to double check any information and never pay money over the phone after receiving any kind of threat such as the electric meter being removed. It is illegal to do this and you should report any such phone calls to your energy provider.

HomeCareontheWeb can look after all aspects of looking after a property including bill payments. For more information about property management on the Costa del Sol visit our website or call us on 952 839 595

Electricity billing goes back to bi-monthly

The government has announced a new system for domestic electricity billing last month proposed by the ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. Since September 2008 home owners in Spain have been billed for their electricity on a monthly basis even though the readings are taken every two months, meaning that one of the bills is calculated from estimates. Continue reading “Electricity billing goes back to bi-monthly”

Rising electricity prices in Spain

Earlier this month, the Wall Street journal reported that the Spanish government will be raising household electricity prices by 9.8% from January 1st.

According to the Household Energy Price Index, costs for electricity have been rising throughout Europe in 2010 to the highest prices for some years. Spain is ranked as 6th most expensive with the UK down in 12th, so you will notice that you pay a higher price in Spain than you may be used to if you’re from the UK.

To connect your Spanish property to the grid if you’re based in Andalucia will probably mean contacting Endesa, the biggest supplier in the region. There’s a helpful article about dealing with Endesa on if you want to find out more. 

As part of our property management service Spain we can deal with all the utility companies on your behalf and guide you through the process of signing up for an account and setting up direct debit for payment, or we can receive correspondence from them so we can deal with any bills or issues whilst you’re away. Email to find out more.

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