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2014 a great year for Spanish tourism

Crowded_BeachOwners of Spanish property who rent to holiday makers will have noticed the increase in tourists once again this year and hopefully seen a boost to their bookings.

In fact Spain has benefited significantly from tourism this year, up 7.8% in the first six months of the year compared to 2013 and a record breaking July. In the busy month of August there were more than nine million international tourists visiting the country and overall the total number of tourists in the whole of Spain rose to 45,384,483, an increase of 7.3%. The breakdown of visitors saw British top the list as usual, followed by French and Germans, however there was a drop in the number of Russian visitors.

As restaurant and bar owners (and property rentals companies) will tell you, it’s not simply the quantity of tourism that counts, it’s their spending power. Thankfully the average spend also increased by 7% in July compared to last year, with the total spend in the first 6 months of the year being a whopping €26.34 billion.

Tourism was strong last year as well and is a well-deserved reward for businesses which have weathered the storm of the recession, as well as Costa del Sol property owners who have hung on to their properties and can really start reaping the rewards of the strong rental market.

If you haven’t seen bookings increase, take a look at how you are advertising your property, is it priced correctly, are the pictures of good quality, are you selling the benefits to your guests in the right way and can people find your property amongst the others.

Our sister company HolidayRentalontheWeb works hard to promote the properties we manage on the Costa del Sol, using the web to good effect as well as powerful partnerships such as Novasol to drive traffic and bookings and in peak seasons we often do not have enough properties of the right type to supply the demand. We are particularly looking for villas with pools, so if you would like to rent out your property, or improve the performance of your rentals, please speak to us and find out how we can help in terms of both property management and holiday rentals.

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