Sunday Times names Spain as the cheapest destination in the Eurozone

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In last week’s Sunday Times, author Chris Haslam is urging people not to wait any longer and book their holidays now before all the best places are booked. They say that tour operators are relieved to see a late surge in bookings, so people need to get in there quickly to avoid disappointment. Hopefully this will prompt people into action as we’re seeing people book their holidays later and later each year, with a big rise in bookings over the last few weeks.

The article looks at the popular short-haul destinations of Greece, Turkey, Italy, France and Spain and cites the Post Office’s spending barometer which shows that Spain is the “cheapest eurozone destination this summer”. They say that day-to-day holiday costs here are now 30% lower than they were last year, which is great news for tourists and homeowners alike. They say “if you’re looking for a bargain this summer, try Spain” thank you Sunday Times, it’s great to see some positive press for a change!

So don’t despair if your property hasn’t been rented yet, the trend of late bookings and this excellent article in the Sunday Times should help Spain win more tourists and attract those budget conscious families able to see the savings available from going self-catering. Late booking deals are always a good way to attract more attention to your property for these crucial summer months and if you’re willing to drop your price slightly you’ll have a lot of interest.

To help our owners capitalise on these late bookings our holiday rental website which list all our owners’ properties ranks on page one Google for key terms like Costa del Sol holiday rentals to catch people searching for their properties. We’re also undertaking a big summer mailing campaign to our database, which features 5 properties in each country we cover, plus things to do in that region, on a weekly basis to catch those holiday makers who haven’t made up their mind yet. If you’d like us to help you market your property please email

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