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Sierra NevadaNow the summer is coming to an end, you may be thinking how you can still make money from your property during the quieter months of the year. It’s true that Spain is a well-known summer destination, but the good news is that most properties are suitable to rent out all year round, and thousands of people would rather visit Spain in the winter.

The weather is not unbearably hot, the prices go down, and it’s not so busy. All these things appeal to thousands of people, so it’s a good idea to highlight these facts when advertising your property for rentals.

In Spain, there really is a lot to do after the summertime, and promoting your property for off-peak holidays is a great way to earn extra money. Planning in advance can save a lot of stress when it comes to renting your Spanish property after the summer season, so August/September is a good time to get started. Spain has more mountains than any country in Europe, and this can definitely be used to your advantage.  In some parts of Spain, like Madrid, many businesses are actually closed during the summer, and only open in cooler months. In Andalucía, the winter is pleasantly mild and there is plenty to do within a reasonable distance. Wherever your property is located, there will always be some good winter benefits to compliment your rental property.

Here is a list of some ideas and activities to promote for the winter season in Spain.

  • Ice skating
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Horse riding
  • Off road activity days
  • Safari and Zoo trips
  • Special events
  • Visit Exhibitions
  • Wine tasting days

Once you have found out about all the great things to see and do in the area of your property, you may want to highlight this in your advertisements.When you have secured bookings, it’s a good idea to include as much information as you can in your welcome pack like, public transport details, a map, and any free local event guides you can find.

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