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Smoke ScreenNow that the summer rental period is over, thousands of properties will be left unoccupied during the winter months. Most people will leave their TV’s, DVD’s, cameras etc in the property and forget about them until next summer. Even if you live in your property year round, there is still a security risk. Living on the Costa del Sol we like to think theft doesn’t happen here but like everywhere else there are many burglaries in Spain every year. Unfortunately most of us wait until ourselves or someone we know has been burgled before we really protect ourselves. These days, burglars will bypass standard security systems by cutting the phone lines and even using gas to knock out anyone inside, including dogs. So how can we protect ourselves from intruders when we are home or away? A product that caught our eye recently is smoke screen technology.

‘Imagine an instant smoke-screen. Smoke that DOES NOT damage property, paintings, electrical equipment, your pets or you. That, within 10 seconds, totally blocks any intruder’s path. They can not even see their hands in front of their face let alone your possessions! When you add the option of the 127dB duel frequency sound blaster that causes nausea (only in humans) the effects are awesome!!’ – Richard Bloom (

The smoke screen technology has been proven time and time again to effectively secure your Spanish property, and many businesses and banks in the UK also use this type of security.

To compliment your home security, HomeCareOnTheWeb can provide checks on your Spanish property while you are away, take photos for your piece of mind, aswell as dealing with insurance companies on your behalf should a situation arise. To find out more about the services of HomeCareOnTheWeb, visit our website or call 952 83 95 95.

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