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We know it is a big decision, deciding if you want to rent out your Spanish property and if so what is the best way to go about it. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

For many years we have been managing people’s properties and working with them to generate rental income. With all this experience, we have developed a list of Frequently Asked questions, to help you consider the pros and cons of renting out your property.

Our FAQs cover:


  1. Is my property suitable for rental?
  2. How much rental income can I expect?
  3. How should I furnish my property?
  4. What are my obligations when renting my property?
  5. What if I, or my friends, want to visit my property?
  6. How do you pay the rental income to me?
  7. What are the fees and commissions charged to rent my property?
  8. How do I register my property for rental?

This is an excellent resource for all property owners who want to maximise the income from their property. To read our answers click here

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