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One of the main worries homeowners have about renting out their apartment, townhouse or villa long-term, is whether the tenant will stop paying rent and then refuse to leave.

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We can now help you overcome these worries by providing a low-cost comprehensive ‘Legal Fees Protection Insurance’ as part of the Landlord Legal Package we offer homeowners who rent their property long-term through HomeCareontheWeb.

In the event of any dispute with the tenancy, such as the tenant defaulting on rent, or even a complaint from the tenant about the landlord, the case can be fast-tracked through an arbitration tribunal rather than a much lengthier process through court – saving both time and money for all concerned.

For landlords to submit a claim there is a set of easy instructions to follow; or you can simply leave everything for HomeCareontheWeb to do on your behalf by signing up to our All-Inclusive Rentals Management Service Package.

How the ‘Legal Fees Protection Insurance’ works

  • After HomeCareontheWeb has found the ideal property for a prospective long-term tenant, we take their deposit, check their references and provide them with a legally required D.I.A. information document about the property.
  • When it comes to completion of the contract, we collect the first month’s rental fee, and provide the tenant with an arbitration form to sign, as well as a comprehensive HomeCareontheWeb Long-Term Tenancy Contract in English and Spanish, which governs all aspects of the relationship between the tenant and the landlord.
  • In the event that the tenant defaults on the rent, the landlord follows an easy set of instructions to obtain the unpaid rent, and then has immediate recourse to a simple but effective legal procedure through Arrenta who provide the arbitration facility.
  • All the landlord has to do is send a copy of the arbitration document, the Tenancy Contract in Spanish and proof of non-payment and the Arbitration Tribunal will contact the tenant giving them 10 days to answer the claim.
  • Judgement will be received from the Arbitration Tribunal usually within 20-30 days, and this can then be executed through the courts within a further 2-3 months.
  • The landlord’s legal fees to progress the case are covered, and all other costs are usually borne by the tenant.

If you don’t want the hassle of collecting rent and utlities payments from your tenant, then just sign up to the HomeCareontheWeb All-Inclusive Rentals Management Service Package, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

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