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If you own a property, have bought a car, or work in Spain, you will have have an NIE number. Until recently it has been possible to obtain your NIE number through a solicitor or gestor, however from now on the first application must be made by yourself in person.

Very recently there has been some information going around claiming that NIE numbers now have a shelf life and will expire every three months unless you apply to become a foreign resident.

We decided to have a further look into this information as we thought it would cause a great deal of stress and expense to thousands of expats in Spain if they have to go through the process of applying for an NIE number every three months. Here is what we found.

Although some companies are telling people they must renew their NIE numbers every three months for a certain price or apply to become a foreign resident, other recent information contradicts this. According to other information sources it’s actually just the white sheet of paper that is only valid for three months and that your NIE number is yours for life so you should still be able to use your NIE for legal and bureaucratic purposes.

If you have a green sheet of paper with your NIE number on it, you may have automatically received the Certificado de Registro de Ciudadano de la Union, which we believe does not need to be renewed. Check out this link for more information on whether to apply for NIE or Residencia.

We have written to the Marbella Town Hall for more information and clarification on this matter, we will update you as an when we have some confirmation of the facts.


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