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Please see below for a list of questions we are often asked.

If you have any questions that don’t appear below, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’d be glad to help.

  1. Is my property suitable for rental?
  2. How much rental income can I expect?
  3. How should I furnish my property?
  4. What are my obligations when renting my property?
  5. What if I, or my friends, want to visit my property?
  6. How do you pay the rental income to me?
  7. What are the fees and commissions charged to rent my property?
  8. How do I register my property for rental?

Is my property suitable for rental?

All property can be rented out but at HomeCareontheWeb we specialise in high quality holiday rentals. If your property has modern bathrooms, kitchen and fixtures and fittings, good quality furniture, A/C units in each room and has an overall high standard of decoration then we can help you obtain premium rental fees. We will advise you what is best for your property.

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How much rental income can I expect?

As no two properties are alike, it will all depend on the location, size and facilities of your property. Our experienced sales team will visit and evaluate your property to help you maximise your rental income. Because we market the properties we manage worldwide and offer an extensive range of services, we attract many clients looking for high quality rental accommodation. If you would like an estimate on your property please email us with your request.

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How should I furnish my property?

Please see our document on what to consider when renting or contact us and our team can advise you on the best furnishing options.

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What are my obligations when renting my property?

In General your obligations are as follows:

  • Insurance of building and its contents, including theft and third party liability, (please inform your insurance company that you are renting your property)
  • Community/club fees
  • Property and income taxes and local rates
  • Telephone calls and standing charge – calls can be recoverable from security deposit if connected
  • Electricity standing charge and consumption
  • All replacement and repairs if not covered by rental clients security deposit
  • Satellite TV charges
  • Water standing charge and consumption
  • Replacement gas bottles
  • Supply and maintenance of fire safety equipment
  • HolidayRentalontheWeb fees and commissions
  • Membership of HomeCareontheweb

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What if I or my friends want to visit my property?

No problem, the booking system we have is mirrored on your owner’s area on HomeCareontheWeb and you can book out the weeks you require, depending on your contract. We will then provide you and your guests the same 5 star visit package.

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How do you pay the rental income to me?

Rental income is credited to your account as soon as the rental process is complete – normally at the end of each month direct into your Bank account. A regular statement is posted to your owner’s area on HomeCareontheWeb.

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What are the fees and commissions?

At HomeCareontheWeb, we have developed different packages for different types of property and owner requirements. We offer 3 standard packages, each with an annual cost, but we can tailor-make a package that covers all your management and rental needs. Choosing which package is suitable for you depends on the type of property and the service you require from us, for example whether you want management only or are looking to rent out your property. Please contact us to arrange to talk with one of our experienced rental specialists.

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How do I register my property for rental?

Simply contact us at HomeCareontheWeb and we will be delighted to discuss your property and rental needs.

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