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bigstock-Property-Insurance-89979281Renting out your Costa del Sol property, whether short term or long term, is a great source of revenue, and makes good use of your investment when you’re not using it. If you use a reputable property management company, hold a deposit and ensure that the property is inspected before the guests or tenants leave then you are well protected.

To protect yourself further, think carefully when you’re furnishing the property, choosing hard wearing furniture and considering sofas with removable cushion covers which can be replaced, wax table clothes to protect tables, and paint which is resistant to marks and easy to clean. There will be wear and tear from renting the property so don’t get precious about it, don’t have valuable or sentimental items in the property and factor in some cost for replacing things such as glasses, cups and plates and for repainting and re-upholstering furniture periodically.

Also invest in insurance which adequately covers you for renting your property, ideally with a company used to dealing with the type of claims which come from rental properties. Standard home insurance is usually for your principal residence and you may find that it won’t cover you for a rental property, or they will make it very difficult for you to make a claim.

We have had a lot of demand from property management clients for a reputable and specialised insurance company that they can trust. After researching what was out there and checking policies we found Hiscox, a company specialising in insuring holiday homes with a wealth of experience in covering higher-value holiday homes in the UK and overseas.

We are happy to recommend their services, as their approach is all about convenience, ensuring that things get put right even if the owner is not there when any issues occur. They have a network of English-speaking claims professionals available to help and have a reputation for a fast and fair claims service. Find out more

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