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Now the summer period is over, the cooler weather has kicked in and the rain has made an appearance more than once. Unfortunately, the majority of Spanish properties are not built for winter weather, and the effects can be really noticeable to current and future tenants. If you are planning to rent out your Spanish property over the winter or you will be staying there yourself, there are certain things you can do to stop things getting ruined and make the winter months as comfortable as possible for you or your tenants. Here are a few tips we have gathered together to help you prepare this winter:


  • Provide mats and rugs on tiled and marble floors so you don’t get out of bed or the shower onto a freezing tile floor
  • When showing round potential tenants or buyers, always make sure the heating has been on for long enough beforehand so it’s a nice temperature when they come in
  • Check all roof tiles, make sure there are no cracks or missing tiles which could lead to a leak at any time.
  • Winterize your pool – ask your pool cleaner how best to preserve your pool over the winter, or the guys at HomeCare on the Web can give you advice about cleaning the pool, and adding chemicals to last the winter months and recommend good pool cleaners. Always keep the pool covered when the property is vacant, and turn your skimmers down to a less frequent setting
  • Keep an umbrella in the property just in case so your tenants don’t have to go out in the rain to buy one when they arrive.
  • Check all wall mounted heaters are working correctly as well as any heated A/C if you have it. Provide portable heaters for your tenants, these are not expensive to purchase and they could make the world of difference to your tenants
  • Always have torches, candles and matches in the house in case of any power cuts which are common in Spain especially during winter storms
  • Provide spare winter bedding, blankets, and a thicker winter duvet if necessary
  • Have regular checks and reports on your property to check there is no wind, rain and water damage inside or outside the building.
  • Beware of occasional strong winds and things being blown in the swimming pool like outside chairs, pots and hanging plants etc.
  • Make sure drains and gutters are not clogged up from the autumn leaves which can cause floods and damp inside the house.
  • Prevent rust developing on any cast iron gates etc with regular painting


HomeCareOnTheWeb can help out with any property maintenance on the Costa del Sol, so you can have peace of mind that everything is running smoothly even if you’re not in Spain at the time. We also have a selection of trusted and recommended suppliers if you get stuck finding someone to do repairs or handy work around the property.

Remember, Andalucía is not just good for summer holidays, there are also plenty on offer in the winter months such as ski, snowboard and golf breaks. Read our blog about Spain’s winter benefits for more info.


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