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PreparingWith the summer round the corner, getting your property ready can seem a stressful, especially if it’s been empty all winter and you want to prepare it for rental. Caring for your property in Spain, can seem more of a challenge if you don’t speak much of the language, or you don’t know any reliable workmen to do the job.

Renting out property in Spain is a great way of earning an extra income, and getting it ready for your tenants is essential for a successful rental, but it can be a task if you’re not in the country or you don’t have the time.

Checklist of things to remember:

Check for damp – Unfortunately many properties in Spain suffers from damp, especially if the property has been empty for a month or more. Putting the heaters on, opening windows and investing in a dehumidifier will definitely help get it ready for tenants.

Decoration – The weather in Spain takes a toll on your exterior paintwork. A quick slick of paint and a clean will freshen it up in no time. Inside, a coat of white emulsion will brighten the place up and keep it looking new and maintained for your tenants.

Spring Cleaning – Remember if you are renting out your property with furniture, make sure the fabrics, curtains, and utilities are clean.

Garden Maintenance – If you are lucky enough to have a garden here in Spain, you will know how much maintenance it takes, especially getting it ready for summer after the winter period. Cutting the grass, weeding, and watering, the tasks are endless, which is why it’s important to have a visit from a professional gardener as often as possible.

Pool – The pool is often the subject that will have attracted your tenants to renting your property, and is obviously important to have it routinely cleaned, checked and replenished with chemicals.

If you’re concerned about preparing your property for summer, but you’re not in the country, or you need a hand to find trustworthy workmen, offers a property maintenance service in Spain which includes all of the above and so much more so it’s all taken care of.

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