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It can be difficult to keep up with new rules and regulations regarding property rentals. Back in April, we wrote a blog item to iron out some rumours regarding property rentals in Spain.  However, we thought that we should remind all property owners about the new law which was put in place on June 1st, stating that all homeowners who want to sell or rent their property in Spain are now obliged to obtain an energy performance certificate.

This certificate is obtained by a qualified assessor who will visit your home and rate it according to the official energy efficiency scale of housing, this rating must then be displayed on any advertising material for the property. However, don’t panic as even if your property features a low rating it is not compulsory for the owner to make changes to the property. At the moment, obtaining the certificate is the only compulsory aspect of the new law.

The certificate can last for up to ten years and, once obtained it must be registered with the “Junta de Andalucía.”  Most properties which have been built from 2007 onwards should already have a certificate but it is best to check as there are penalties, which can result in a fine of up to €3000, for properties which fail to possess a certificate.

But don’t let this put you off renting your property on the Costa del Sol as obtaining the certificate is a simple procedure. Here at HomeCareontheWeb we offer a range of services to make the process of renting out your property much easier, for more information about Costa del Sol property management please visit our website.

3 thoughts on “New law reminder for property owners in Spain”

  1. Do you offer a service to obtain the required certificate & register it with the Junta? How much please?

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