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costa-del-sol-134229If you are renting out your Costa del Sol property, we hope that this summer was a good one for you, with lots of happy customers and lots of rental income. Traditionally the Costa del Sol has been thought of as a predominantly summer destination, but slowly but surely the message is getting out there that it’s brilliant in the spring, summer and winter too and that the temperatures are more comfortable, the flights are much cheaper, traffic is better and you can get reservations in the best restaurants.

This means that there is tourism outside of the traditional months but you need to work hard to capture those tourists. You also need to try to entice more people who may not think to come over to Spain outside of the holidays and make sure your property is set up to help them have an amazing time and spread the word!

Here’s what we suggest –

  1. Maintain your property to avoid damp and damage – Check roof tiles to make sure water doesn’t get in, check gutters and drains for blockages and ensure that the property is inspected regularly for weather damage which may turn into something serious if not dealt with.
  2. Make sure the property is set up for the colder months – Spanish properties tend to be cold and damp and much more suited to summer visits, so you need to prepare and make sure the house has everything people need for a comfortable winter visit. Make sure you air and heat the property before they arrive so it is welcoming. Leave blankets for the cooler nights and ensure you have heaters such as oil filled radiators to make it feel comfortable. If you have an open fire, make sure it has logs and also make suggestions before they arrive to remember some slippers for those marble floors and suitable clothes for the colder nights – many people will expect it to feel warmer than it does. Provide mats and rugs on tiled and marble floors and leave an umbrella for guests to use.
  3. Promote the benefits of the Costa del Sol in Spring and Autumn – Use your network of contacts personally and professionally, social media, local advertising and anything else you can think of to share information about the great things going on here, the brilliant weather and stress that things are still open and the area still busy.
  4. Think about your target market and cater for them – Off peak tourists tend not to have kids in tow and will often like the sports facilities, restaurants, shopping and things to do for an active holiday. So think about them when you’re writing your promotional materials and promote your nearby facilities, great restaurants and things to do in the area as well as just the beach. Does your property have an open fire? If so promote it as a romantic getaway for some winter sun, where you can cuddle up in front of an open fire after a busy day on the golf course. Produce a little guide to the restaurants in the area around you and promote that so they can make the most of what’s on their doorstep.
  5. Keep in touch with them after their visit – Check in with your guests when they get back and ask them how it was and if there’s anything which could be improved and if they have a good impression ask them to share the information with their contacts and perhaps offer an incentive for any bookings which come from their recommendation (a discount on their next off-peak stay for example)

For more advice on renting out your property on the Costa del Sol all through the year, please contact us, or post your tips below.

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