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familyParents are always forward thinking when it comes to safety of their children especially when on holiday. Families are also the biggest users of self catering accommodation so, as a home owner in Spain, if you would like to rent out your property to help pay the mortgage, it’s a good idea to make it as child friendly as possible to attract more bookings.

Some design elements of Spanish apartments can make them more dangerous for children such as marble floors, pools and balconies.

Here are a few tips to make your apartment safer and more enjoyable for children so your property appeals to more people.

  • A surprising amount of apartments are not fitted with smoke alarms, make sure yours is.
  • Invest in some plug protectors for your rental clients so they can plug them in when children are around. Clients are more likely to book if they know you have taken care of the small things too.
  • The Spanish tile floors become extremely slippery when wet from the swimming pool and bath/shower so have mats on the bathroom floor and plenty of towels. It can also be a good idea to have a grip mat in the bath so it’s not slippery for children or elderly to use.
  • When buying furniture, try and avoid glass tables and anything else with sharp edges. If you already have a glass table, have some corner protectors there for your tenants to use if they want to.
  • High chairs are a bonus if you can keep one of these in your apartment for rental clients.
  • Many apartments have just 1 floor but if yours has stairs, make sure you have a stair gate there for your tenants.
  • Keep a few plastic cups, bowls and spoons in the cupboards so that children are made to feel welcome.
  • Keep some stain remover under the sink. If a drink gets spilt, it’s more likely to be cleaned up when there’s something there to clean it with.
  • Make sure your terrace/balcony door locks are all working perfectly and preferably with child safety locks.
  • Make sure your community pool complies with Spanish law and is  either enclosed or supervised.

When advertising your property to potential clients, it’s a good idea to say you have child proofing if needed, and make it clear your property is welcoming for children. Visit our website for more information on renting out your Spanish property.

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