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Large Costa del Sol villas, or properties with outbuildings and separate staff quarters are very popular with groups, as they can have their own personal space, amazing communal areas and can split the cost of a luxury villa to make it more affordable. However, many landlords are wary about groups, so it’s a case of deciding what groups you want, how you will cater for them and how you will safeguard your property.

There are a few different types of groups that we commonly have enquire, large families, weddings and younger groups celebrating birthdays, parties or hen and stag parties.

Families want playrooms and toys for the kids, safe pools, gardens, good kitchens with kiddie friendly cups, plates and cutlery and air-conditioned rooms where they know the kids will be safe and comfortable. They tend to spend more time at the villa, so leisure facilities like a pool table, computer games or a games room is also a real bonus. It’s great if you have separated living spaces so a large family made up of several groups can have some privacy, so annexes or basement “flats” are popular.

Wedding parties want large gardens where they can do the ceremony, large terraces or garden space for the wedding breakfast/evening meal and a big kitchen for the caterers. They also want as many rooms as possible so the wedding party can stay together, including a beautiful master bedroom for the happy couple.

Younger groups want great pools and leisure facilities, so games rooms, pool tables, BBQ areas and chill out zones are popular, as is a good sound system. They are interested in proximity to bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

It is true that groups are harder on the property than smaller parties, but if you have a very large property and want high occupancy, it’s something you should consider. Decide which groups you prefer and cater to their needs, then protect yourself by removing valuable items, covering favourite sofas with a throw and decluttering to make it easier for the groups to avoid damaging anything unintentionally. Also make sure you have the right insurance, so you know you are protected.

Speak to us about what our rental clients want and how we can help you cater for them whilst safeguarding your property and fixing any damages which may occur. Our property management and maintenance teams are here on the Costa del Sol to help with everything and to support you to maximise the income you can get from the property. Find out more about renting out your property on our website.

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