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If you own a property with a garden in Spain, you may have heard about the damage to palm trees all over the country caused by red weevils and palm moths. This has cost millions of euros in damage and is continuing to effect our beautiful palm trees year after year.

These relentless pests are literally killing our palm trees from the inside out and are immune to normal pesticides.

Trouble is the effects of the palm weevils are not usually apparent until it’s too late and the palm tree is already dead. You can usually notice early signs of palm moths (which are as equally devastating to palms at the weevil) by spotting chewed leaves at the crown of the palm tree, however this is not always easy to see as you can imagine.

Other symptoms of a red weevil infestation are nasty smells coming from the tree, and if you put your ear to the trunk, you may be able to hear the larvae eating away inside. After the palm tree is dead, the pests simply move on and infest the next one leading our palm trees to disappear at an alarming rate.

What can you do?

A combination of methods have been used to try and eradicate these damaging pests, but there has been great difficulty in reaching all life stages of the weevil so in many cases, eggs will still remain inside the palm and are still able to spread to other palm trees.

Professional methods only must be used, we wouldn’t recommend trying anything yourself and if you suspect you have an infected palm tree in your property, you are obliged to contact the local department of agriculture. Due to lack of funding in many areas, you could be waiting months for the department to safely remove and dispose of the tree so you may be better off calling a specialist to do this for you.

HomeCareOnTheWeb can recommend how to safely and effectively remove the infected tree from your home, alleviating you from the horrible smell and helping to prevent more palm trees becoming infested. Visit our website for more information on property maintenance in Spain

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