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One stressful thing to have to attempt in Spanish is financial transactions, as it really matters that you say the correct phrases. Thankfully on the Costa del Sol we have a number of banks which particularly cater for the expatriate population and speak many languages, such as Solbank, and then branches of familiar UK banks which specifically cater for us Brits, such as Barclays.


However, if you find yourself somewhere without an English speaking bank and need to do simple tasks such as changing money, here are some phrases to help.


Which counter do I go to to change money? ¿Debo ir a quél caja para cambiar el dinero?
I would like to change some travellers’ cheques, please. Quiero cambiar algunos cheques de viaje, por favor.
Is there commission? ¿Hay comisión?
What’s the exchange rate for Pounds Sterling? ¿Qué está el tipo de cambio por la libra esterlina?
Where do I have to sign? ¿Adónde debo firmar?
What is today’s date? ¿Qué es la fecha hoy?
What time does the bank open? ¿A qué hora abre el banco?
What time does the bank close? ¿A qué hora cierra el banco?


We can help you with many different aspects of holidaying on the Costa del Sol, from holiday rental properties in Marbella and all along the coast, to useful guides on the area and we can answer your holiday rental questions so please just ask. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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