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Keep CoolJuly has been incredibly hot, with no less than 3 heat waves taking the temperatures into the mid to high 30s for weeks on end and over 40°C several times. This has led to huge demand for air-conditioning and fans, with stocks selling out faster than the retailers could replenish. Holiday makers and residents alike have been really suffering, particularly at night, and we have had many pleas from guests for anything that could drop the temperature for them.

If you are coming to visit Spain in August, it is a good idea to come and visit your property and see how it fares in the hotter months. If you’re not there or the property has been rented, but you’re concerned it will be too hot please let us know, we can check in with the guests and purchase a fan or rent/purchase a portable air conditioning unit to make their stay more comfortable. It can really ruin someone’s holiday if they can’t sleep because it’s too hot, and they are concerned about their children.

Properties with air-conditioning always rent better than those without, so it’s a good investment to consider during the winter months, where the demand for units goes down and prices often fall. If you’re concerned about the cost of running air conditioning units, then ceiling fans can be a good alternative in the bedrooms, as it really helps with the heat and the mosquitos and if your property generally stays quite cool this can be all you need. Also, investing in a few portable fans and a paddling pool for the kids to cool down (if you don’t have a private pool) can all be nice touches.

To help tenants during their stay it’s a good idea to include in advice to your tenants how to keep the property cool, such as keeping shutters down in the day to minimise the amount of heat coming into the property, opening windows and doors across the property to create a draft etc. You can also advise them about the best use of the air conditioning e.g. to put it on an hour before you go to bed in order to bring the bedrooms to a comfortable temperature and then using a fan to keep the air moving during the night, as it can get too cold overnight with the air conditioning on, and of course it will increase energy use.

We can help you to improve your property for rentals with our customer service team getting feedback from guests and our maintenance team able to do air-conditioning installations and source fans or portable equipment to hire. Please contact us for information about property management and maintenance on the Costa del Sol.

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