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passport_ukAs property management specialists, we help hundreds of property owners to manage their properties on the Costa del Sol and keep our fingers on the pulse to make sure they are aware of changes even if they don’t live here, or speak Spanish. There are a few new regulations and developments which we have shared with our owners over the last few months which we wanted to share with you, to make sure you don’t have any nasty surprises.

Confirming your identity with your bank

Have you received an email from your Spanish bank asking you to confirm your identity? Many people have deleted these emails assuming they were scam emails, when in fact they were genuine and not confirming your identity can result in having your accounts frozen. Your bank needs to have a digital ID for every customer to protect against money laundering. You will probably have provided this to your bank if you opened your account after 2010, but if you opened it before then and haven’t confirmed your identity, we recommend contacting your bank as soon as possible to see what you need to do. Find out more

Ensuring you have the right electricity meters

New Spanish and European regulations require the introduction of smart meters to encourage consumers to play an active role in the electricity market and thus improve energy efficiency. To comply with these regulations, Endesa is replacing all meters for customers with contracted power of up to 15 kW i.e. residential properties. If you have received a letter from Endesa recently or a visit to your property, it will probably have been about this, so check if you’re not sure. Please do be careful about people visiting your property to replace your meter, Endesa warn that under no circumstances should you pay the technician that replaces your meter. There is no charge for this service and the good news is that now billing will be made on readings rather than estimates and more work can be carried out remotely. More information

Why WiFi?

Modern holiday rental guests are looking for different things compared to a few years ago, and one of the main requirements is WiFi! Statistics show that holiday homes that have WiFi installed in them are more likely to get bookings. Most holidaymakers do not leave home without some sort of device and we are receiving more enquiries asking whether WiFi is available. WiFi is also a great solution to problems with receiving International TV stations.

Please let us know if we can help you resolve any issues with your property, we are here to help our Costa del Sol property management clients to make owning a second home as easy as possible. Visit our website for a quote

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