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GardeningThe Spanish climate is perfect for growing many herbs, many of which are drought and frost resistant so you can grow them all year round. They are suitable for any type of property such as apartments, villas, or townhouses, and can be grown in a variety of containers as well as in the garden. Herbs are usually known to be much easier to maintain and grow than fruit or vegetables and its easy to keep them tidy and contained. Here is a list of some great herbs you can grow easily in Spain.

Lavender – Natural disinfectant

Rosemary – Good for flavouring meat and vinegars

Thyme – Attracts butterflies, tastes good

Parsley – Perfect for fish dishes

Chives – Useful for all kinds of dishes, and home-made dips etc.

Basil – For that perfect bolognaise and other tomato dishes

Rocket – To go with a lovely home-made salad

Tarragon – Adds great flavour to many recipes

Sage – Many uses for this herb including natural toothpaste

Oregano – Adds flavour and colour to any Italian dish, also helps with digestions and appetite

Mint – Very easy to grow, and handy to have around especially if you like mint tea

Dill – Very versatile herb with many culinary uses

All these herbs are easy to grow and suitable for Spanish gardens, terraces or balconies. Avoid supermarket pesticides and grow your own organically, it’s very simple, saves money and tastes better! There are many more herbs and spices you can grow from your home, and it’s exciting watching them grow into something you can eat, and flavour food with.

If you want to grow your own herb and spice garden in Spain but are worried about the amount of time you have to spend on it, don’t worry, the herbs listed above are pretty resilient and don’t take constant care. However, like any plant they do need water and maintainance sometimes, so if you don’t live in your property full-time, as part of our property management services Costa del Sol, HomeCareontheWeb can pop round to check and water them for you, and give you a report on how it’s all doing. We also have a team of gardeners to tackle those larger gardening tasks and a trustworthy team of maintenance specialists to do any of those jobs you never get round to when you visit. You can also use the irrigation systems which are sold in places such as Leroy Merlin and can take most of the strain when it comes to watering. If you’re using one of those, it is important to make sure someone is still checking regularly to make sure they are receiving the right amount of water for the time of year and also check for any leaks.

Just having some herbs and plants on your terrace which your tenants can use for cooking, or which add a lovely scent to the area is a draw for tenants and something you can enjoy when you visit as well. Outside space is highly desirable for holiday makers and can differentiate your property from the competition, so it’s worth the effort. A herb garden can be both pretty, smell great and be useful so it’s a good choice if you want to do a little low stress gardening in Spain.

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