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property managementWe’ve been offering property management services on the Costa del Sol for many years, so we’ve dealt with most problems and pride ourselves on being a trusted advisor and supporter for all our owners and their tenants.

Last month, we were able to come to the aid of one owner after she returned home to her apartment to hear someone inside. She called out and the intruder escaped through the window, thankfully they were disturbed before they were able to take anything. However in the confusion the owner locked herself out and we were able to let her back into the apartment thanks to the spare keys we keep at the office.

The owner then had to rush to the airport to catch a plane back to the UK and we were able to change the locks, turn off the lights she had left on for security and even take out the rubbish which she had forgotten in the rush. We have also reported the incident to the police on the owner’s behalf.

These kinds of situations are all in a day’s work for the HomeCare team, but a real help and reassurance for our tenants, whether they are here in Spain or abroad. Owners can check on jobs such as the locks being changed through our online property management system wherever they are for maximum accountability and excellent communication.

The Costa del Sol is generally safe, but of course break-ins do happen from time to time. To protect yourself there are a few simple steps we recommend for all owners –

1. Fit security gates and grills to the main doors and windows

2. Invest in an alarm with a company who will come out if it sounds, especially if you are not often in Spain, and make sure it’s obvious from the outside

3. Use light timers, especially during winter months

4. Make sure people regularly come to check the property and remove post, a sure sign that properties are not occupied and enough to deter burglars, especially if people visit at different times

5. Don’t be tempted to leave small windows open for ventilation, regularly opening the house up is safer and better

We can advise you on particular measures for your property and be your feet on the ground, checking the property and keeping it as safe as possible, so please get in touch to see how we can help with property management and maintenance.

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