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As a home owner in Spain you know how important it is to keep an eye on the costs of running your property, especially if you also use it to earn extra income.  When paying your bills by direct debit it’s especially important to check that they are being paid on time and at the correct amount to avoid any complications. By doing this you are also much less likely to become a victim of the latest utility bill scam.

Many home owners on the Costa del Sol have been receiving phone calls from a company pretending to be Endesa claiming that they have outstanding amounts on the account and that it must be paid immediately to avoid being cut off. For anyone who hasn’t checked their direct debit payments recently, they may assume they must owe this money and pay it as requested so they do not have their electric meter removed.

Remember, a legitimate chase for outstanding payment would come via recorded letter. If in doubt, always ring the energy provider back using the number on your bill to double check any information and never pay money over the phone after receiving any kind of threat such as the electric meter being removed. It is illegal to do this and you should report any such phone calls to your energy provider.

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One thought on “Electricity Bill Scam Warning”

  1. Can you say if these calls are targeting foreign language or Spanish speakers?

    Also watch out for calls to businesses offering advertising space in the Guardia Civil magazine. Another telephone scam.

    As above, if anybody phones you to demand money, call back a number that you know is legitimate to verify.

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