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SecuritySecurity in Spain can become an issue when your property is left alone for periods of time. Many properties are used for holiday homes and therefore not always occupied, so here are some ideas on ensuring maximum security during those times.

If your home is empty regularly, it may be a wise decision to invest in extra security if you haven’t already. Traditional methods such as electric or battery-powered lights, cameras and alarms are effective but not always reliable.

Solar powered security is a cost effective, and eco friendly way of ensuring your property is secure when no one is home, even through power cuts which are surprisingly common in Spain.

The devices are easy to install, have no operating costs and work just as well as traditional methods. There are also standard devices that have a solar powered backup system which may also be worth looking into.

As well as being kinder to the world, solar powered security is an innovative way to help maintain security on your property 24/7, and help cut your electricity bill which I’m sure you will know, is a lot more expensive in Spain that the UK.

However, nothing beats support on the ground to ensure your property is being well looked after. A property management company such as HomeCareOnTheWeb can do regular property inspections inside and out, empty your postbox and show that your property is being monitored.

HomeCareOnTheWeb can take care of all your security and property management in Spain, including installation of security, so that’s just one more thing off your mind.

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