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complaintRenting out property, either as short-term holiday rentals or long-term rentals, can be a great way to earn an income from your second home or investment property.

In most cases the biggest stress is making sure the place is clean and ready for the guests before they arrive and dealing with any issues whilst they are there, like locking themselves out or something not working. This is a pain of course, but comes with the territory of being a landlord and you need to be prepared for you or someone on the ground to be ready to deal with your guests’ needs.

In rare cases holiday guests can cause bigger problems such as refusal to pay, damage to the property, abusive behaviour or theft. These a tiny minority, but worrying things to think about for owners none the less. One important way to safeguard against damage, theft or non-payment is to take payment in advance and include a decent deposit which can be held in case of damage to the property and can cover any costs of cleaning or repair.

In addition a website has been set up to help owners with this very problem called Guestscan, this is a compiling a database of rental clients who have behaved badly in the past to allow members to check names against the list before accepting bookings. This gives the owners the power to report troublesome tenants and stop other owners going through the same issues. You need to pay a small membership fee to have access to the database and the website owners assure us that they will carefully check all complaints to make sure they are valid. This sounds like a great way to protect yourself if you’re renting out your property. If you’re interested in finding out more visit their website

For those people who do not live in the same country as their property but still want to take advantage of rental income, we recommend looking for a property management company in Spain. They can deal with all the elements of renting a property, from finding the guests, preparing the property, handling payments and checking the property after the guests has left. This investment allows owners to relax and know that someone else is dealing with any potential issues without having to bother them. To request a quote visit our website or email

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