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Quite often there is a heavy downpour of rain and strong winds on the Costa del Sol. Many Spanish houses can be prone to damp anyway and so with these weather conditions and a house which is shut up over the winter and not heated, damp can become a problem.


Our property maintenance team deal with a lot of damp and offer the following advice for spotting the signs of damp early and how to deal with it effectively.


Signs of damp

  • A musty smell when you enter the property
  • Discolouration on the walls and ceiling
  • Unusual levels of condensation
  • Fungal growth and mould internally and externally

How to prevent damp

  • Ventilate your property regularly – if you are not there, ask someone to come in at least once a month, to open windows and move any damp air through the property
  • Consider using a thermostat to heat the property in the colder months to keep the property at a steady temperature
  • If bathrooms are a problem use a dehumidifier to keep things dry – you can buy some products in the supermarket which do not have to be plugged in so are a good solution if you’re not there

Dealing with damp

For small areas of damp and a short term fix you can –

  • Try damp-proof paint on problem spots
  • Use fungi treatments, ventilators and dehumidifiers where required

However for serious problems you need to call in a damp specialist who can identify where the problem is coming from and solve the issue permanently.

Don’t panic, Spanish houses are often cold and a little damp during the winter, but if you regularly open up the house and heat it sufficiently it will dry out over the summer. However, if you’re renting out your property make sure you get someone in to warm and air the house whilst giving it a clean before they arrive so the house smells nice and is welcoming as tenants don’t want to worry about damp if they are coming to stay!

Our team of Costa del Sol property managers and maintenance specialists can identify problems such as damp to safeguard your property and make it a great place for you and your tenants.

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